Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I survived our four day heat wave.  Barely though. 

I spent Sunday afternoon with fellow hookers -- members of the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, Connecticut Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, for our monthly meeting.  It was another great meeting, and I got to show the progress of my Secret Project -- it received many compliments.  The AC felt delicious.

Swatch for Dee's 'Pushmi-Pullyu' classMini~Dee did not take the heat well, and was sick all that night.  She and I spent Monday at our local Borders bookstore, enjoying their AC.  She worked on drawing characters for their  
cornnecticut blog (they're hoping to come up with a design to create T-shirts with), while I worked on crocheting many swatches that I later photographed and inserted into the class handouts such as the one you see here to the right.  (I love photos, diagrams, and such in handouts I receive for memory jogging.  Conferences are great, but when you take many hours of various crochet classes back to back to back, I've found it's nice to have a little something to set those light bulbs off again once you return home.)  Mr. Dee came home later in the evening witnessing his wife melting into a lowercase "d" and decided the heat was too much.  We spent the evening setting up the AC.  It felt good, but I was too spent to crochet any more.

Yesterday I roasted.  Seriously.  It was the children's school picnic at our local YMCA.  Even though they cut the picnic time down, I still roasted while wearing many applications of SPF 50 sun-block.  It was so hot that later I took my children and a couple of their friends to a local hotel with an indoor pool.  I jumped in, clothes and all!  (I do have sunburn, but not as bad as I feared!)

Later, we had a big booming thunderstorm blow through in the evening and that broke our four-day heat wave.  Or was it
Bonnie, who broke it?  She sent me snow wishes, writing, "We still have 12 feet of snow an hour from us, and it is snowing up a storm in areas we've never had snow this late.  We're having the coldest June (we call it Junuary) in about 150 years.  It's about 50 and drippy here."

Ah!  Thank you, Bonnie!  I love snow.  :)


wipforever said...

I don't like snow but I don't like hot n' humid either.  Both don't agree with my joints and heat in particular just makes me feel sick.

I like the hotel pool idea!  Had to laugh about you jumping in with clothes and all!  Did they make you pay for a room to use the pool?

Love what you're working on in the pic!  The color is yummy!

Stay cool!

crochetwithdee said...

Thanks Sheila!  :)

No, you don't need to pay for a hotel room to use the hotel pool!  Most hotels will let you use their pool for a nominal (per head) charge.  I suggest calling the hotels and inquiring before jumping in.  {VBG}

Thanks for visiting,