Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happily Hooking Along ...

I took a break from my project yesterday, allowing it time to sit on my mannequin, allowing for gravity to "do it's thing" so I can see if further adjustments will be needed.  I'm glad I did.  I will be "ripping a page" from the knitters in using a series of crochet slip stitches under the work to stabilize the shoulder/sleeve area.  After all, there's nothing more pesky than having your sleeves slip off your shoulders all day, right?

So while I was allowing for that discovery to take place I decided to move onto the next project.  I had two hanks of handspun alpaca yarn by Donna Young, a spinner from Massachusetts (sorry, she does not have a website).  I purchased the hanks from her last month when WEBs had their big sale.  Her tags read that each hank consisted of 166 yards; both pink with just a hint of glitter running through.  Very pretty, and very soft.  I paid $12 a hank -- which is NOTHING for something HAND SPUN!

Because the yarn is handspun/dyed, and since my supply is VERY limited, I wanted to pick a project that would be airy yet be able to show off the beauty of this fiber.  I leafed through many stitch books, pattern books and magazines before Doris Chan's "Raspberry Charlotte Poncho" featured in her Amazing Crochet Lace book jumped out at me. 

I studied her stitch diagram and decided to alter it by adding in "off-set rows" of additional shells.  Why would I do that?  (Other than because we crocheters can do that)  Because the fiber I'm using is a much smaller ply than the Berroco "Softwist" her pattern calls for.  Because in doing so, rather than having a close/hug fit, my altering is causing the work to ripple -- taking much focus off of my "shelf" area.  Because that ripple effect might possibly lend itself to also be a legging cover/skirt for Mini~Dee to twist & shout about in (as most young girls like to do).  A project for two people?  How cool would that be??? 

So far, although my picture today is not the best of quality, I am liking the results.  At the moment it is now resting on my mannequin, allowing for the gravity phenomenon to do what it does best.  And now I'm off to go back to working, possibly finishing, the other project.  :)

BTW:  If you haven't voted for a name for my mannequin yet, please get your vote in by tonight.  She really needs a name.  LOL

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