Friday, June 27, 2008

The Evils of Sleep Deprivation

For as many years as I have been crocheting, it always seems to amaze horrify me that I've yet to learn my lesson.  How many times have I noted to myself, in private or here publically in my blog, that I will not make decisions when I am sleep deprived?  The mind just cannot be trusted to be rational when needing to make crucial decisions!

My first observation was when I was joining the back two pieces together.  I thought it looked good and asked Mr. Dee for his opinion.  The way he wrinkled up his nose said it all -- "EWWW!"  The problem was that the work flowed from the side to the middle of the back.  I wanted the join to look seamless.  My first attempt was a failure. 
I waited until I had some rest and took a fresh look at it.  He was right.  (I did not photograph it.  Had I, I am sure you all would have agreed with him.)

I ripped it out and tried joining the work using a single crochet, chain one, slip stitch rhythm -- then stood back and showed Mr. Dee.  He agreed, this was a better solution.  (see picture on right)

The other poor decision I made was in the front tie.  By now it was near midnight and I was thinking, "OK, I know I bumped up the fiber and hook size, so the tie needs to be shortened."  I crocheted until around 2:00 in the morning, thinking all was good. 

After a few hours of shut-eye, I tried the garment on and gasped!  The ties, even when tied, hung down to my knees!  No, no, no!  This can't be!  I know I shortened the ties -- but not enough!  For a person who is vertically challenged, this error amplified I come from the land of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.  (Well, not really, but I do feel that way when I'm grocery shopping and can't reach the top shelves!) 

I frogged the tie and reworked it a more happier, snappier shorter length which made the garment look a hundred times better!

Now I need to seam up the sides.  I've tried the single crochet, chain one, single crochet rhythm here but it did not look right.  I am thinking sewing it, mattress stitch style, might do the trick.  There's a how-to tutorial here

The one thing I am most thankful that I did -- for the entire project -- was use stitch markers!  In the picture on the left you can see I still have some in place.  I may not have learned my lesson about crocheting when sleep deprived, but I do follow safe-crocheting by using stitch markers as my safety net!  :)

Readers, confess!  You've made poor crochet decisions under the influence of sleep deprivation, right?  Do tell!


robinandersen9 said...

of course I have. That's why my rule is "no crocheting after midnight" no matter how bad I want to finish something, not worth it because you got to rip it al out the next day......
I remember staying up until about 3am trying to finish an afghan for a gift & happy I did....until the next day - *whew* thank goodness it wasn't that complicate a pattern, but still, thinking you're finished & then having to rip it all out isn't fun....

crochooked said...

I love this project, the stitch pattern, style and fit, yarn & colors.  Can you tell us more about the pattern and yarn?  Or do we have to wait for the conference?