Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pleasant Surprise from Dee Jr.

A few weeks back, my son, Dee Jr., was asking me a lot of questions and studying my supplies.  I thought it was all related to the after-school crochet and knit club we had started awhile back and never gave it second thought.  Now that it's the end of the school year, yesterday he brought home a pile of papers, including a report he did -- boy, was I pleasantly surprised!   I thought he did a great job on it and want to share it with you all:

How to Make a Crochet Chain

     Crocheting a chain is fun.  First, you need to gather your material.  You need yarn and a hook.  Some brands of yarn are Caron "Shadows," Lion Brand "Microspun," Berroco "Ribbon/tape"," and Lion Brand "Soy Silk."  Some brands of hooks are Susan Bates, metal or plastic, and Boye.  On some yarn it is easier than others.  Put your hand into the middle of the yarn and pull out a bunch.  In the yarn you pulled out find the end.  If you have yarn in a ball that you wound, you can use the end there.  Then you need to create a slip knot.  First wrap the yarn around your index and middle fingers.  Then take the end that is not connected to the ball of yarn and stick it in the loop around your fingers.  Pull the ends around your hook.  Make sure the knot is adjustable.  Pull the loop snug around your hook, but not too tight.  *Next using the end connected to the ball of yarn and wrap it over the hook from left to right.  Then take the lower loop and pull it over the top loop and the hook while the yarn you just wrapped around the hook stays on the hook.  Finially, repeat all the steps from here to the * until you decide to stop.

Dee Jr. is still learning how to crochet.  This year was the first time he progressed from the chain to the single crochet.  J

A note from Dee, Jr:  Don't try my instructions at home kids!  I tried them and they're flawed.  It's hard to write how-to instructions without having your yarn and hook in hand.


crochetr said...

Bravo Ill give you an A for your effort:) What a great report! Keep up the great work. Sherri said...

Looks like a pretty good report to me! And he's right; it would have been easier to write his report if he'd had his yarn and hook handy. Good job Dee Jr!