Thursday, June 19, 2008

Salvation Army Appreciation Luncheon

Crochet news doesn't get more current than this ... a blog entry on the day of the actual event!  (gotta love that!)On behalf of the HHCC, Grace and I accept the plaque from the Salvation Army.

Today, members of the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, Connecticut Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, was invited to attend the Salvation Army's Women's Auxulary group for an Appreciation Luncheon.  They wanted to honor our group, and other local groups, for all their beautiful -- and desperately needed -- donations.

Every year our local CGOA Chapter crochets hats, mittens, and scarves and donates them to our local Salvation Army.  We started doing this back in 2002 when we received a two of our Founders, Hilda and Ruthphone call from them asking for our help, which we are happy to do.

So this afternoon, they not only honored us with a most delicious luncheon, but they also bestowed upon us this beautiful plaque.  It says, "The Salvation Army Thanks You Happily Hooked on Crochet Club ~ Keeping Kids Warm gloves and hats." 

Six years of aiding our local community.  I think that's terrific, and we'll be starting another drive, our seventh!, come this fall!  :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!  A well-deserved honor to all of you!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Kudos to all of you. I didn't remember that the Salvation Army took handcrafted items. I'll have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is way too cool:) Congrats to you all! Sherri