Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blast from the Past

It's amazing to me how the Internet can bring us around the world, to our own town, to our own neighborhood, and in this case, right back home again!

I was searching the internet for inspiration when this picture came up -- it's the Bridal Amulet Bag I designed/crocheted for my niece-to-be back in 2004.  (Don't mind the "manly hands" holding it, those belong to my Mr. Dee.)  It took a lot of hours to crochet all those tiny stitches using thread, but it was a joy of labor to do. 

It had tiny white pearl beads, and a little blue Cameo for the "something blue" tradition.  It was made for the bride to wear on her wrist as she walked down the aisle.  This allowed her to carry whatever she needed -- perhaps a tissue, a six pence, or a family heirloom -- safely and securely.

Before anyone inquires, no, I didn't write the pattern down, nor do I intend to.  I felt that this piece should remain an original work so that, should the bride choose to, it could become a family tradition she starts.  She could have her future daughter, or daugher-in-law, or a niece, or a grandchild use it.   However, if you are interested in creating an Amulet Bag, there are free patterns available on the Internet; just google them.  :)

Yes, having the Internet take me back home, to a past project, certainly is a blast from the past!  

Happy Anniversary Jeff & Courtney!!  :)

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Anonymous said...

That is an AWESOME bag, Dee!  Lots of thought put into it and love too, I'm sure!  I completely respect your thoughts on being "one of a kind" and I hope the bag lasts for many generations to come!

Love and hugs,