Saturday, June 21, 2008


My brain froze yesterday.  I could not, for the life of me, wrap my mind around following a specific crochet pattern I have been wanting to try for months!  The pattern was in symbol crochet from the German magazine called ONLine.  I fell in love with the pattern a few months back and decided yesterday to take a break from working on class samples and work on something for me -- but no matter what I did, nope.  No good.  (I think it was because of all of the excitement generated from the arrival of supplies for my students for the Conference.)

So I went to the Ravelry website and posted about my love for this German magazine and vented, just a little bit, that I couldn't concentrate yesterday -- today that discussion is still ongoing, but now we're chatting about crochet magazines & books printed in Japan, France, and so on!  I'm finding the discussion very interesting!  (If you're not on Ravelry yet, do consider joining.  )

I did manage, finally, in the quiet of the late evening hours, to make some headway.  Since the pattern only covers sizes S and M, I know I need to  make adjustments as I go.   My first adjustment was to use a larger fiber and hook than what the pattern called for.  To ensure I was on the right path, I worked up 15 rows and then "wore" the work around the house this morning.  I did this to ensure that I like the final length (when one crochets a garment, it is important to factor in  gravitational pull!).  I discovered I don't like the length.  I plan on frogging the work and starting over.  (Frogging means to rip, rip, rip out the work.)

Was this a waste of my time?  I don't think so.  I'd rather know now, before the entire project was completed, that there is a problem.   And the good news here is it appears my brain~freeze is over ... until the next box of goodies arrive!   :}

What yarn am I using for this project?  Berroco's Bonsai, in the Satsuki Green colorway.

(Afterthought:  In studying the picture I'm including in today's post, I noticed a boo-boo; possible proof of my brain~freeze.  Good thing I plan on frogging it.  Do you see the error too?)

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Anonymous said...

Left side of photo, middle "shell"????  Top of shell actually.  Just guessing.

I get brain freeze often so I can sympathize.  I also get Crochet Deficit Disorder where I get too many projects in the WIP and WIM list.  Often, I'll want to try a new technique or pattern and just not make it back to what I was working on at the time.  Make sense?

Love the color!  Seems to be a popular color these days, but it is beautiful.

Hope you show us what the finished project looks like!

Love and hugs,