Sunday, June 15, 2008

Questioning a Satisfying Stash Size

Why is it, when one suffers from Stash Acquisition Syndrome, that when it comes time for needing one special "ingredient" for a project, that item is not in said stash?  I mean, if I'm there happily crocheting along when a moment of inspiration hits, shouldn't I be able to rely on my stash to make that idea a reality?

Today I am specifically addressing my Bead Acquisition Syndrome.  Apparently I have not added all that I could (or should) as I now find myself, once again, surfing the Internet to find out:

A. If the item I'm looking for exists
B. If so, can I obtain it locally
C. And just when the next Bead Exposition will be held in my neck of the woods.

Seriously, how large must one's stash be to find it adequately satisfying??


Update  6:58PM:  Ask the Universe and the Universe will answer! 

There I was, earlier this evening, knee-deep in dirt, assisting my kids with their corn experiment when my neighbor called out to me:  "Dee!  Dee!  Can you come over here for a moment?  I have mail that belongs to you!"

So I went over to see my neighbor who was holding a bright pink postcard in her hand.  "Our mail carrier gave me your mail in error.  I thought you might want it now rather than waiting until tomorrow."

I looked at it.  It's an announcement from the Nice People folks announcing that there will be a bead expo in my area on June 29th.   Perfect timing!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Dee, this is a question I have long pondered. No matter how large my stash is or of what it consists, when I find I project I really want to get started on I invariably find that the yarn I need/want is not in my possession. I think this is a phenomenon created by yarn manufacturers. And it works like a charm LOl. I We won't even talk  about the new yarns that come out that I must add so I will have a sample in my stash for in case I need it. ;-) Like those new Vanna's Choice colors.... no matter how similar they are to the old ones. LOL