Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Contest: Where In the World Would You Like Dee to Be?

Sandie cracked me up this morning when I read her blog entry expressing her wishes of having me live coser to her in Louisana.  And while I'm not moving, yet, she got me to think:  where else would my readers wish I lived?

And, since I'm coming up to 150,000 visitors here at CrochetingWithDee (not including RSS feeds & subscriptions), I thought that would make a great contest!

So, readers, do share!  Where would you like for me to live -- and why?  Submit your entries by leaving a message here, by emailing it to me, or by bloging your answer (please ensure I have a link for your blog!) !  All entries will be accepted until the magic number of 150,000 visitors are reached.  (please do not reload the page to make the number climb -- I'll know!) Once all the entries are in I'll have one of the Dee's (Dee Jr., Mini~Dee, or Mr. Dee) select a winner randomly.

What will you win, should your entry be selected?  Something grand from my private stash! 

Sandie, thanks for the lovely compliment.  I'm counting you as my first entry for this contest!  :)

Bonus Question:  Create a great caption for the world/frog image here for a Runner-Up prize!  Captions will later be voted on by readers.

If you'd like to meet me in person, I will be teaching at the CGOA's summer conference, The Knit and Crochet Show!  Consider taking a class with me, or meeting me at one of the many events taking place!  I always love meeting my readers!  :)


Anonymous said...

Dee--I would love for you to be located were you could attend and share each Crochet Event world wide.  Your observations and sharing of Crochet Happenings are truly educational and fun to read.

Bonus Question-- Frogging our Crochet World.

Anonymous said...

I wish you lived in central Florida.  You bring such enthusiasm to the crochet world that I'd love to just take you around with me to all the various yarn shops to help show how cool crochet is.  I also think with your contagious enthusiasm you would be able to help me find the time and energy to get a CGOA chapter started here in the Tampa metro area.  

Bonus answer: "The whole world frogs, embrace the frog!"

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start with the bonus question:

Frogging the world one stitch at a time!


Anonymous said...

Well, I DO wish you lived here in Central FL.... at least then I could take a class or two with you instead of the old 'figure it out by myself' theory <LOL>

O.K... for the bonus question... and yes, I DO know it is corny....

On Hop of the World!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't ask for much... just a move a  bit south to Richmond, Virginia!!! Cathy - cguske@juno.com

As for the frog.... "The whole world is my lily pad!"

Anonymous said...

Now that's how to enter a contest. LOL Thanks, Dee! Are you SURE you wouldn't consider moving to Louisiana? There's an empty lot right across the street. :-) Oh the joy (for me - maybe not so much for you) of having Dee and mini-Dee and Mr. Dee and mini-Mr. Dee right there ready to crochet! Think about it.  ;-)

Anonymous said...

How about you move into a motor home, so you could be "at home" anywhere?  Although it would limit the stash storage potential...

Can't think of anything for the frog/world just yet, it'll probably come to me at 4am.

Anonymous said...

Dee, Of course I would say come to Vegas and live near me and we can crochet away the hours. But since there is nothing I mean nothing going on here in Vegas for crochet you would be depressed in no time. I perfer you live where your at so I can hear about all your adventures. You go girl! Your friend in Vegas, Sherri

Anonymous said...

I'd like Dee to come to Hershey PA.  She can stock up with chocolate, as well as yarn from the LYSs.  The winter will be warming than CT, and you still get all 4 seasons.  Still close enough to the Eastern shore during the summer.  Great gardening.  Close enough to take the kids to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and NYC for educational field trips.
And maybe she could talk the powers-that-be into a conference at the Hershey Lodge and Convention center.  And she could share her crochet skills and knowledge with the Harrisburg CGOA.
And the best reason, we can met at Borders for Crochet in Public and buying crochet books and magazines, and meet at Starbucks and crochet.