Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"One More Stitch" Syndrome

I think it was quite obvious I was sleep deprived yesterday.  I've been overcome with "one more stitch" syndrome before, but nothing quite like this!  Yes, I was up late again last night.

And where has this lead me?  

I've had to virtually rewrite the pattern (in my head) as there seems to be some issues needing attention:
1.  The starting stitch count in the pattern is wrong.  That drove me nuts. 
2.  The sizing is for S and M.  This means for women with serious curves some serious shaping needs to take place.  Extended stitches and short rowing seems to be working quite well.
3.  My Webs order arrived -- mmmm, bamboo yarn.  Decided the bamboo would work better for the pattern and scratched the other fiber I started this project with.
  Mental note to self: Order more!

This also meant this was a great time to crack open the adjustable manniquin I received for Christmas.  I'm liking it.  I have my work hanging off her, checking for the gravity effect.  So far so good -- except -- the manniquin needs a name.  And I was thinking that you, my readers, might want to help me select one by  voting for your favorite.  Why all the "D" names?  It flows with the Dee Jr, Mini~Dee and Mr. Dee theme. 

The project stills needs more crochet stitches to be whipped up ... I need to finish the back (as seen in the picture above), work on the sleeves, do some assembly, bury ends, and then the finishing touches. At the rate my "one more stitch" syndrome is driving me, I expect the project to be done by tonight? Thursday at the latest. That is unless the kids challenge me to a water ballon fight, and that would make all bets off.  We could then be talking as late as Friday.

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