Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nature Calls

I am still under the influence of "one more stitch" syndrome.  Up early, to sleep late, surviving on coffee.  But yesterday was interjected with some excitement!

First, it was the birth of my "grand children."  We estimate some 100 to 150 babies.  On the left is a photo of one of them:

They're praying mantises!  We sent out a birth announcement to the family yesterday.  (Remember, I'm sleep deprived and so my humor is a bit warped at the moment.)  You can see more baby pictures at my kids blog, just click onto the picture.  In fact, as I type this blog entry, more are being born.  I think another announcement will be going out to the family later today!  LOL  It's amazing to watch Mother Nature in action! (BTW: for all you bug-enthusiasts, praying mantises are Connecticut's official state bug!)

Then, later in the afternoon,  Mr. UPS stopped by with a big 'ol box!!!  Look at what was inside:

Yes, that is a box FILLED with delightful goodies from Caron ... from their Naturally Caron line. These are for the Pushmi-Pullyu class I'll be teaching at the Conference, which is just a month away!!!! Mmmmmmm, yarn!!

I'll be under the spell of "one more stitch" syndrome shortly, but for now, I have new babies to help release into the wild, and dark circles under my eyes to wear around town like a badge of honor:  

"What's the matter, honey?  Not sleeping well?" 

"I have 'one more stitch' syndrome."


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the kids' blog. Didn't know they had one. I have passed on some of their info to my BIL who has a fair sized garden. I didn't know bees could live underground. My daughter is very allergic. I've given her the scoop on that. Thanks to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Indiana didn't have a state bug, but some were trying to get the Firefly designated.  Congrats on the mantises.  They must be gentle bugs (except when mating, I've heard) for someone to be so enthused about them!

Love and hugs,

PS  The yarn looks YUMMY!!!!  I love the colors!