Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tagged with a meme!

I loved watching Dana Carvey play the Church Lady back when he was on the television program Saturday Night Live.  He'd say, "Well now, isn't that special?!" and cracked me up with it each and every time!  That's the first thing that popped into my head when Doris tagged me for this meme: Well now, isn't that special?!  After I stopped laughing, I figured Doris meant business, so I set to answering the meme.

As you discover that there are two entries for today I figured that is what will be popping into all of your minds as well: Well now, isn't that special?!  I hope so, because there won't be an entry for tomorrow.  ;) 
Nearly a decade agoWhat was I doing ten years ago?

Licking my wounds after being fired for being pregnant -- again.  (It's a long story, and not one I wish to share.  However, there are blessings from that time, the greatest being my son, Dee Jr. (My sweet Mini~Dee was already here). The second blessing was my entering further into the world of crochet soon thereafter.)

Five things on my non-work to do list today:
Stop at library to pick up inter-library book request.
Paint my nails sky blue because I want to.
Study my hair while seriously considering fulfilling kids request of me getting blue highlights.
Select five things to toss or donate as part of my "one less thing in my house campaign"
Sit outside on my swing, coffee in hand, while listening to nature sing to me.

Snacks I enjoy (in no particular order):
Candy Corn on Halloween
Trader Joe's popcorn
Ben & Jerry's ice cream -- while at their factory in VT
Slim Jim Beef Jerky -- while onlong road trips (why is that???)
Mountain Dew, red or regular, when dining out

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
Play Monopoly with real money.  (I call dibs on being the shoe!)
Buy a working farm and hire a lawyer team to write up an iron-clad Will to ensure it always remain so for eternity.  (Doris could keep her pony there while she's doing book signing tours.)
Teach Oprah how to crochet (I suspect we'd be neighbors) 
Start the Crochet-network for television & Internet viewers.
Buy a  grape Nehi soda (pop) and enjoy it with a Zero candy bar to revisit my childhood memories.  Oh, and a Mr. Pibb too.
... I have a long list, how much more money do I have left to spend?

Places I have lived (some of them):
Take a marker and place it on Connecticut, drag it down to Florida, then out towards Colorado, to Virginia, to Florida, and back to Connecticut.  Then drag it down to Texas, Oklahoma, California and then back to Connecticut.  I forgot to stick in Nevada, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine in ... let's start over.  Take a marker and place it on Connecticut ... geesh, it might be easier, quicker, and much neater to crochet a scarf than have me go over this until I get it right ...

Jobs I have had (some of them):
Newspaper delivery girl, camp counselor, check-out girl, jeweler, shipping manager for a software company, automotive parts manager, sales associate (highest sales in district), blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda*, Mom, and crochet teacher, designer, and cheerleader  (*Yeah, I borrowed that from the Jerry Seinfeld television show.)

People I want to know more about:
Kim Guzman.  She amazes me.  :)


Anonymous said...

How cool is THIS!  While all the secrets coughed up here are vewwy vewwy intewwesting, the list of jobs is the most revealing answer.  Now we understand the life experiences that have prepared Dee for her current role as one of the crochet world's most enthusiastic movers and shakers.  Hey, if she can manage camp kids and automotive parts, then managing us yarn kids should be a piece of pie! :D

Anonymous said...

What an adorable pic!  :)  I swear you haven't aged a bit!

Interesting stuff, Dee.  Lots I had no idea about.  Nice to learn more about you!

As for the injustice of being fired for being pregnant, I bet you are happier and more successful now in the world of crochet than you were then????  

Thank you for telling us more about you!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed learning more about Crocheting Dee. Hope Mini-Dee is feeling better and you all are cooler.

Anonymous said...

I can't say it's very amazing.  LOL  But, thank you for tagging me.  I've accepted your challenge.  :-)  Kim