Monday, September 5, 2005

Where to Ship to:

My contact at the (Houston,Texas) Mayor's office called! 
     They are requesting items NOT be sent directly to the Astrodome as not all surviors will be stationed there.  They will be all over the state.  For those wishing to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina please note the following items they're in need of and the various cities/locations taking the donations:

The American Red Cross Shelters ARE Accepting Donations:

Items Needed:

  • Food and drinks
  • Clothing
  • Disposable diapers
  • Games and toys
  • Sheets and blankets
  • Monetary donations

Shelter Locations:

  • Baytown Community Center, 2407 Market Street, Baytown
  • Fairmont Park Baptist Church, 10401 Belfast, La Porte
  • First Baptist Church, 1229 Avenue J, Huntsville
  • First Baptist Church, 906 Avenue A, Katy
  • First United Methodist Church, 4308 W. Dallas, Conroe
  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 18220 Upper Bay Road-Nassau Bay, Houston
  • Memorial Baptist Church, 600 W. Sterling, Baytown
  • Mont Belvieu Senior Center, 11607 Eagle Drive, Mont Belvieu
  • Moody Methodist Church, 2803 53rd Street, Galveston
  • New Life Central, 2104 Underwood, La Porte
  • Spring Tabernacle, 3034 F.M. 2920, Spring
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, 701 Church St., Brenham, 77834
  • St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, 6005 N, Wayside Drive, Houston, 77028-4494  9/05/05: PLEASE SEE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW FOR THIS LOCATION


AOL'ers: Here's another link listing various organizations where you can donate money, and for parents to download coloring books for children & such.  Well worth checking out! Network for Good: Hurricane Relief Efforts and Preparedness


Anonymous said...

I found this very helpful. Would you mind if I copied this and added to my journal? I didnt want to do it unless you said it was ok. Thanks. Sherri
Comment from crochetr - 9/1/05 1:59 PM

Anonymous said...

While I'm sure Houston is getting a huge number of evacuees/refugees.. other places in Texas are also in need of things to help.

Here's some info I have:

In our city of Longview here we have need right now of food, clothing, diapers,
water, and other things for the people who have been streaming into our area. I
have spoken with the Hospitals and major relief agencies in the area and here is
how you can help:

The city of Longview and the Red Cross coordinating efforts to provide shelter
and necessities at Maud Cobb Convention Center in Longview. They need there:
a.. New Blankets
b.. pillows
c.. toiletries
d.. water
e.. packaged cookies or snacks.
Directions to Maude Cobb Activity Center
From I-20, exit Eastman Rd., travel North to Cotton St., turn left (West) and
travel to Grand Blvd., turn left into the Maude Cobb Activity Complex.

Also from I-20, exit Estes Parkway, travel north to Cotton St. as Estes
Parkway  turns into High St., turn left (West) and travel to Grand Blvd., turn
left into the Maude Cobb Activity Complex.

Also the Red Cross is referring people to:
Buckner Children & Family Svc
(903) 757-9383
(800) 329-5494
1121 Judson Rd # 184
Longview, TX 75601
0.6 mi N- Directions

Buckner's needs are:  
a.. Hygene items,
b.. clothing for children and adults,
c.. diapers,
d.. baby bottles,
e.. underwear, and socks.
Comment from lisaizme - 9/1/05 11:54 AM

Anonymous said...


This is just the kind of information I have been looking for!  I  donated to the Red Cross but I have a huge storage container full of kids and adult clothing that I have wanted to send. I will be preparing a box of clothing and other items to send on Tuesday. Not sure yet which place to send to. I will pass the list on to my church groups too.


By the way, I have started a Katrina blog...moreso on my thoughts of the situation (it's still new) but I would like to post your information in this entry if it's okay with you. I will give you credit of course :-)


Anonymous said...

This email arrived today with an address correction:

Dee--thanks for the info. I have a box of clothing for large-size women that
I want to donate, knowing that many people in New Orleans area are big.  
Didn't know where to send it.

Called Buckner Children and Family Services which I found through lizaime's
link and they told me their correct mailing addres is:

110 E. Cotton St.
Longview TX  75601

Could you let lizaime know?  I tried to contact her, but I'm not an AOL
member and I couldn't get through.

Thanks again
Comment from crochetwithdee - 9/2/05 10:21 AM