Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crochet on National Air Waves

I was reminded this morning that Martha (Stewart) has returned to the national air waves this week with the return of her show (on NBC), and I decided to watch the show to see how much air time would be dedicated to the famous poncho and to the art of crochet.  My feelings about the show are mixed. 

I liked how she showed up in the Yarn Bus (I so want one of those!) wearing "the poncho" with Lily Chin beside her as one of her guests.  I wish I taped the show to watch the introduction again.  I'm fairly certain Lily was introduced as the World's Fastest Crocheter.  (I suspect there will be some backlash as it should have been stated in past-tense with Lisa Gentry being the new Crown wearerBut since Lily has done such a great job in helping bring crochet out of it's "step sister roll compared to knitting," that I think it's best we not go there, I've had enough drama here at CrochetWithDee this week; don't you agree?) 

So, getting back to the show, they did a Marv-oulous job showing the audience wearing their crocheted ponchos -- even showing a 3-generation clan of crocheters!  They even let the youngest of the clan, a girl about 12, show Martha a scarf she crocheted.  I loved that!

Martha at one point discussed Lily's speed with creating various stitches but then dropped the ball on showing how to crochet.   Rather than giving a little glimpse on how a particular simple stitch is created, Martha focused with David Spade (David, hun, if you're reading this, PLEASE tell Capital One to leave me alone! I don't want them in my wallet!!  Oh, this is more drama, huh?  Sorry!) on how she was able to create various treats for the inmates when she was serving her time in prision. 

While it surely showed her inventiveness in the cooking department, I think she & her staff dropped the ball for this particular show.  Hopefully Martha scans the Internet to read blogs/online lists & such to learn of what people think of her show.  If she does, I hope she understands that if you're going to have an audience wearing a particular garment made with a particular needlecraft that some time should be devoted to showing how to do it -- even in it's most basic form!  (Martha?  Call me; I'd be happy to appear on your show and teach your audience how easy crochet can be!) 

Naturally as I watched the show, I crocheted.  I worked on assembling an afghan that will be donated to a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.   I'm to the point now where I have a quarter of the border done.  Maybe tomorrow I'll show a picture? 

BTW:  If you want a "Martha" poncho you can now get one without ever lifting a hook or a skein of yarn.  You can order it on Martha's website with the proceeds going to charity/Hurricane Katrina.  Now that's marketing! 

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