Thursday, September 1, 2005

Packing Up...

The pictures to the left are some of the items I've already packed up and are awaiting for shipping.  I've been on the phone with Texas; my contact in the Mayor's office is still looking for an address where "stress relief" items can be shipped to.  She promised to call me back, so just as soon as I have a location I will share it for those interested in doing the same thing.

In the meantime, I'll be packing up more boxes.  Here in Connecticut seasons change fast so one of the boxes will be of summer clothing my children will no longer need.   In Texas it's hot, hot, hot! -- my children's clothing will come in handy for some boy or girl in need!  I'll also be putting another "kiddie box" together this afternoon.  This one will be filled with stuffed animals (items I've been collecting to donate this Christmas to our local Salvation Army).

My hubby asked what they'll be doing with all the kids missing out on schooling -- I haven't heard anything, but that will be another box I plan on packing: school supplies!  Yeah, I have a stash on that too!  This is one of those times where getting in on the "good" sales really will pay off! 

Man, it feels good to be doing something that will help someone else out!

Lastly, before I get to work packing up the boxes I mentioned, I want to encourage those employed to check with their Personnel Department to see what the company policy is for donations.  Many companies will match what their employees donate, so it's worth inquiring about!  ;)

UPDATE 9/3: The first wave of boxes have been delivered!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I am also preparing two boxes. One is full of clothing, for children, women and men. the second will be full of self care items.

I passed on the list of addresses to a lot of people...hopefully we can get a grassroots movement going......