Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Feeling the Pressure

As of today, of this moment I am typing this entry in, there are 87 days left until Christmas.  Eighty-seven!!!

This, of course, dawned upon me, in every sense of the word "dawn," at three in the morning.  I haven't a clue what I was dreaming -- I only know that one eye popped open, looked at the clock while the thought of what seemed like a zillion projects that will all need to be done el pronto all entered my mind at once.  Yikes!

What was I thinking when I decided to purchase the roving to crochet up and then felt into a cowgirl hat?  What was I thinking when I purchased "matching" silk yarn yesterday to crochet up a sweater to go with the cowgirl hat?  Didn't I just say a few weeks back that I still need to finish her freeform sweater that I started (what seems like) years ago?

And what about the beautiful bulky fall colored yarn I purchased earlier this year to crochet a sweater for my son?  What ever happened to that plan?  Will I ever get it done in time?

And what about the sweater I'm designing for myself?  It's nearly half-done yet I haven't touched it in months!  I want to wear it for our annual family holiday picture.  If I don't get cracking, I'll look pretty funny holding the sweater together in the photograph!

And what about the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge?  Where am I on that count? 

I feel like I should be that cartoon character "Cathy" running around saying, "Ack! Ack!"

Eighty-seven days.

Are you feeling the pressure yet?


Anonymous said...

pressure lets not talk about pressure to get projects complete.  I have 6 hats and 6 scarves to make and I only have 2 hats done.  I am going to start earlier next

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm feeling the pressure....I have four hip shawls and 9 pair of Fun Fur Flops to make for a friend, who is paying me for it....three scarves for my mom and two sisters for Christmas and that's just the beginning...all combined with two kids, full-time job, trying to sell my house and move back to Texas before Christmas and since I'm fairly new to crochet I'm still make me tired!!