Monday, September 12, 2005

Awake & Peeved

The following is from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

(verb) : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source : to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source
(noun) 1 : an act or instance of plagiarizing; 2 : something plagiarized

I spend a great amount of time researching.  I do it to bring the most complete amount of crochet information I can to my website, to my blog here, and to my classes.  So, in doing some research I found a new website that I absolutely love.  It's a website designed to help in locating those that infringe upon copyrights, and shows the telltale signs of plagiarism.  Cool huh?

Unfortunately I learned earlier tonight that I am a victim of copyright violation and plagiarism as this website says my work has been stolen.  Yeah, I screamed with rage and disbelief. 

Hours later, I am, to put it nicely, still quite peeved.  Perhaps those that have lifted content from my blog here, and from my website, do not understand that this is MY material.  I am angry.  And it is rather late at night ... but this anger was eating at me, disturbing my sleep, so I thought I'd enter my thoughts about it here.

My plan of action is to take a few days off from my normal "chippy crochet thoughts" so I can cross over to the dark side.  You know the routine, Santa taught it to us:  make a list, check it twice.  Find out who's been naughty or nice. 

I intend to do just that.  I'll take the next few days to collect evidence -- such as making copies of every website that has either knowingly, or unknowingly, lifted my work and claimed it as their own.  If your website is one of those listed, I willbe contacting you or your webpage host.  Hopefully you didn't know better and will  fix the problem IMMEDIATELY.  (I'll give great thought of IF I will be showing images of your website in violation here.  I most likely will since I think it would be a great learning lesson.)

I'm sorry.  It's late at night, and like I said, this is disturbing my sleep.  So maybe my anger is showing a bit.  Go easy on me with those "you need anger management" emails & comments.  I have a right to be upset; I'm awake & peeved.  After all, my work has been stolen.

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Helpful Webpages About Plagiarism:

  • Using virtual lectures to educate students on plagiarism
  • Research Resources
  • Plagiarism Today
  • You can even set Google Alerts to notify you of infringement!

    Anonymous said...

     I understand 100% I stand behind you in your anger. I have your journal site listed on my site but I would never just copy what you have listed on your journal. In the past I have asked you but would never dream of doing it without your permission.
     My site is not as informative as your site and I love coming to your site and learning new and exciting things about crocheting. If I could be of any help to you please dont hesitate to ask. Blessings, Sherri

    Anonymous said...

    It's crochet, it's not exactly your invention. Further more, there are only so many ways to describe what you're doing, if 10 people write about a crochet project, chances are that 7 of them are going to describe it the same exact way. Get over it.

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Pikkelweezel:
    Have you learned nothing from visiting my blog?  I am not one to go running around the world claiming I invented the wheel.  But if I do extensive research on it, I'm going to claim the thoughts I derived from that research as my own.  

    When I create my entries here, they are my thoughts.  Not something 7 out of 10 people will think of in the exact same way.  Just as there are no two fingerprints alike, people DO NOT think and write alike word for word for word for word (and that includes punctuation)!!!

    This is not your first "bashing" comment you have left here at CrochetWithDee, but it is your last.  I have deleted some of your other offending comments already but decided to leave this one here to set an example.

    I believe we are influenced by many things throughout our lives, and it is this that shapes us as INDIVIDUALS and gives us the RIGHT to claim our thoughts as our own.  I am choosing to contact those that have claimed my work as their own and express an positive resolution.  Yeah, I vented here early this morning, but that's my right.  I expressed MY thoughts and rather than "get over it" I'm going to try to resolve it peacefully.

    I choose to look for the positive in people and unfortunately you have not shown me this side of you.  Therefore I think it's time we part ways.  I wish you well in your fiber adventures, Pikkelweezel.