Saturday, September 3, 2005

...easy on the eyes...

     I didn't crochet one stitch yesterday, nadda one.  I did a number on my eyes to the point where the stinging was too much.  I could have crocheted by feeling my way along the fabric, but since I'm in the process of crocheting another scarf with the waffle weave technique, and in the process of crocheting a matching spiral hat (both of which will be donated come this winter), I felt it was best I let it go for a day.  Today my eyes feel a little better, but still sting from yesterday's mishap -- I had accidentally filled the house with toxic smoke!  (Thankfully no one else was effected or hurt, & I didn't burn the house down!)

My US Mail carrier must have known my hook was still and wanted to keep me in the loop, in the grips of the fiber art world.  In the mail was my latest issue of Crochet Fantasy, Bead & Button, and my "reward" for helping out:  a copy of the latest issue of Family Circles' easy Crochet magazine ALONG with another magazine I've never seen before and have not been able to put down: Yarn Market News.

The Yarn Market News magazine is for professionals (retailers, suppliers & such).  This August issue is packed with a lot of interesting articles from blogging on to answering the question "is crochet the new knitting?"  I'm really impressed with this magazine and look forward to receiving more issues!  (If you're a fiber professional and would like more info on this mag, please send me an email.  I'd be happy to provide the contact info on it)

I'm also looking forward to reading my Bead & Button magazine.  Flipping through the pages I found a segment on crocheting bangles with a seamless join.  In Crochet Fantasy there's some great articles I'm looking forward to reading, including one on cultivating silk worms!  And in easy Crochet, well, I'm thinking when will I get a chance to sleep?

For now, I'm off to find the eye drops and rest my eyes some more.  I've got more boxes to pack for Hurricane Katrina survivors, and more "starts" to help with later this afternoon.

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