Sunday, September 18, 2005

... Keeping In Touch ...

With coffee in hand I am enjoying a lazy Sunday awaiting for that final phone call that my nephew is finally safe at home (we finally found him, was able to wire him money, and get him on one of the evacuation buses headed to our state.)  He was due to arrive at the bus terminal 17 minutes ago, so that phone call can't be far away.  ((big, huge grins))

So, I've been up for hours, blissfully sipping, listening to my children playing peacefully with each other while I enjoy catching up on a lot of my favorite crochet theme blogs.  What a joy to read about all the delicious projects being completed, secret cro-buddy exchanges, yarn purchases & finds, and items donated to charity. 

But, like some of you reading my blog/journal here, I am unable to leave comments at yours because your blog host forces you, as you are here at AOL, to join before leaving a comment.  I know; it's a pain! 

I go looking for a way to email you directly, but don't see that information either (maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet?) ... so, I wanted to say it here, that I am reading those blogs! 

In thinking about it, I don't make it too easy for you to contact me directly either, do I?  Hmmm.  How about this, if you're looking to contact me via email, you can do so at CrochetingWithingDeeing&aoling.coming (just remove all the "ing's" and replace the "&" with a "@" -- I know, I didn't make it "easy" but it's like that to prevent the Internet spiders from picking up my email address and then having me spammed to death.  I'm sure you understand).   Or another way to contact me is if you're a member of BlogExplosion, you can leave comments there and I will get them!

One person who I'd like to contact me is Jane, of "Jane's Hooked on Crochet."  She did a very informative entry on symbol crochet (and software for it!) and I'd like to chat with her a bit about it.  I am a member of Blogger, but I'm not sure what a "team member" is, or how to become one. Jane, please email me, I have some info for you to consider!  :)

Hmmm.  It seems my cup of coffee is just a cup -- there's no more coffee.  I'm off to remedy that, and to visit more blogs.  Here's to hoping your day is just as peaceful.

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