Monday, September 12, 2005

There's hope!

I am sleep deprived (and a bit cranky too) and will be headed for a well needed nap shortly; I wanted insert a dose of well needed "positivism" (is that a real word?) after the rant I left earlier this morning before heading off to sleepy-time.

First, let me go on record here saying that if you're going to be bringing "trash" here to CrochetWithDee it will be deleted.  And if you continue to do so you may be banned.  I welcome opposing thoughts but only if they're done in a constructive way. This is a journal/blog that I keep for all ages to be able to come and visit --and I will protect that status vigilantly!!  My readers love coming here for the positive crochet adventures, not for inappropriate material.  Keep it clean; keep it constructive. 

Second, I've spent this morning making copies of the various offending websites along with emailing them a polite email requesting that we resolve the issue positively. Thus far one has responded with an apology and a vow of correction! Isn't that great?!!

Third, and most importantly, I'd like to thank all of you, my readers, for your support. I love that we are so passionate about our art form and are willing to comfort one another when the hooks (er, chips) are down. I do appreciate it!! :D

I will still need to police the Internet but hopefully by discussing issues like this it will educate those who are not in the know, and infringement will happen less & less.  This then means less rants from me, and more of what your here for: Crocheting WITH Dee.  One can hope, right? 

Thanks again & nite-nite.

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Anonymous said...

How did you get that copyscape image to show on your journal?  I have alot of poems on my journal and a few times I have been e-mailed and asked if they could use it.  Some I have but now I am afraid some are just stealing it.