Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jewel of a Day

There are times when the smallest thing can make your day extra special.  This is what happened to me thus far:

1. I finished the afghan to be donated to Hurricane Katrina.  (click onto the image for a larger view.)  My hubby said he loved the way it came out.  I opted to join the donated squares with the single crochet on one square, chain one, single crochet on the other square, chain one & so forth.  This gave the squares a little "breathing" room as they're not all quite the same size.  For the edging I used the trim that consists of a double crochet, chain 3, double into the top of the previously made double, and then double into the same stitch of the original double crochet stitch (I know, it sounds confusing, but it's not once you see it being done). 

2. I decided upon a trim for a shawl I've been having fun designing.  I'm quite excited to get to that point, and more excited that the hot weather has finally broken to give me a chance to continue my work on it.  Tell me again, how do you feel about bullions?  heh heh heh  Start practicing!  This is going to be one sweetheart of a design if I do say so myself!  ((grins))

3. While typing this entry we were visited by our albino deer.  He stood not more than 15 feet away from us and just watched.  I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl so I guess I shouldn't refer to it as a "he," but I will state that it sure was beautiful to see so close!  Other neighbors came out of their homes and got a chance to see it up close too.  I love how our community is pulling together to watch out for it and ensure no harm comes to it.

4. And finally, I guess some of you took my post about Martha's "Poncho show" to heart and have opted to write Martha suggesting that she calls me for an appearance on her show for real!  (No, she hasn't called -- yet!)  I am very flattered; thank you!!  If she does call, you KNOW I'll post the details here. 

So that's it for now; looks like well needed rain is headed our way and that's my cue to pack up and head back inside.  Yeah, I know.  You want to see the finished afghan ...  J

Update 6:49 PM: I hope I didn't keep you waiting for the image too long  :)


Anonymous said...

 Great job on the afghan it looks awesome. I talked to hubby about taking your class on Overlay Crochet in October. He says we should be able to make it if we leave early enough from Maine. Can you give me directions to the store? I have a map to get me to the town just need dirction to the yarn store. Im very excited about learning this technique. Thanks for all your help. Sherri

Anonymous said...

Your afghan is beautiful....I'm new to your site and I'm really enjoying reading a fairly new crocheter I need the inspiration!! LOL