Thursday, September 8, 2005

Where there's Dee, there's crochet.

I've had four shades of hair coloring this week: my old, oops!, OMG!, and today's.  This means the OMG! had to be professionally corrected which leads me to my journal entry today ... yes, seemingly, everything does eventually lead to crochet with me, doesn't it?  :)

While at the beauty parlor with a tremendous amount of new dye (and pixie dust for good luck) painted onto my OMG! hair I worked on a shawl I'm in the process of designing.  The salon was filled with various ladies (and a few gents!), each having their own *thing* done, when some of the hair dressers spotted the crochet fabric I have slowly been creating.  They all came over and examined my work and as they worked their magic on my OMG! hair coloring blotch, they discussed crochet, knit, and fashion.

     "Are ponchos still in fashion," one asked.

     "Yes," I replied, "I have a pattern that will be out in just a few months."

     "I love ponchos. And capes too," another chimed in.

     "Oh, I went to my mother's house for Labor Day and she presented me with a poncho I had when I was a kid.  It was pink!  Boy did I love my poncho back then!"

     "Me too!  Mine was purple!"

     "Oh, I should wear mine to work tomorrow ..."

And so on. 

I didn't finish my project yet; it's been a real labor of love, and I still have the trim to work up, but I am pleased with how it's coming out, and how it's generating a buzz around the topic of crochet.

So, on that line of thinking, I read today in the online People magazine's Cover Story, that they list the Coming Home Poncho Martha wore leaving prison as one of the Top 10 Style Moments for 2005.  With three months of the year remaining, I can't help but wonder what could trump it.  Maybe Patricia Arquette will come up with another "something special" this Halloween season?  (Oh, yeah, I know, if I had left my hair in the OMG! state, I would have been more than ready for *fright night*!)

You see where this is leading, don't you?  ((grins))

Yeah, lesson number one: leave the hair coloring up to the professionals.  My OMG! has turned into a delicious coloring of normalcy that I'm calling *TG!*

Lesson number two: where there's Dee, there's crochet.  heh heh heh

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Dee can you reload the picture for this entry?  I am not able to see it.  Thank you.