Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh the Horror! Hook Goes MIA!

It is rare for me not to have a project on my crochet hook! Even when design ideas are cooking in my head, I still will have something on the hook. It doesn't have to be a difficult project, or one that is for anyone in particular. In fact, for those types of projects, they're often charity projects like chemo caps to be donated to my local hospital.

This time it was different. I was working on a new project to offer as a new pattern on my site when I got called away. I thought I had carefully set everything down: the project, yarn, and hook. But when I returned I could not find my crochet hook! It was GONE!!! Has this happened to you too?

No big deal, one would think, right? Not so for me. My crochet hooks are handmade, one of a kind -- each with it's own little personality -- not machine made and a dime-a-dozen. So it's not like I can grab my car keys and zoom off to the local yarn shop to buy another when a crochet hook goes missing-in-action. No, it's not like that at all.

I began to get worried. Yes, I could use another of my handmade crochet hooks -- but the feel for the project would be different. Crocheters do more than just make stitches; it is also a Zen kind of thing when the design, yarn and hook all harmonize together. Using another hook wouldn't wrong, because I can match my gauge, it would just feel different; that harmony I had going would be gone. Ugh!! I had to find my crochet hook!

So I called in the Marines my family for a search & rescue operation. Fortunately, Dee Jr. was able to find it! My hero!! It appears the couch had ate it! (Ah, the benefit of having children around! Their thin arms are perfect for reaching deep down into the tight couch caverns between the cushions... And I love their big grin of accomplishment when they grab the prize; my crochet hook!!). ... on second thought, maybe it wasn't the couch that ate my hook. Maybe it was the gremlin that lives in my washing machine? Regardless, I am happy to have my crochet hook back. Crocheting may now resume. :)

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