Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Inspiration

It has been a busy week with designing a new website (not for me), trying to get my DSL connection to behave (it always seems to flake out when we have excessive rain), and in trying to cut out drinking so much coffee.

I'm coming along fine on all three fronts (the most difficult being in reducing my coffee intake) and I must admit that is such a good feeling to be making headway! Even though I have been busy, I did take some time out to be inspired and thought I'd share of the links that made me say "WOW" repeatedly:

The first is a video that you need to dedicate some 15+ minutes to watch. I'd say to grab a hot cup of coffee first, but then I don't want to pass my cafeine addiction on you, my readers. Grab your crochet instead and work up some stitches as you watch this:

The second is, well, for me at least, a jaw-dropping beauty! Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but is also music for the ears as well (and if the universe is listening, I want one). I'm sure you will agree:

And, oh, yes, I will have a new PDF pattern that will be available soon! A sneak-peek preview can be seen at my Goody Shop ... OK, my coffee juice break is over; see you in a few days. :)

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