Friday, May 8, 2009

The Getting Loopy Show

It has been a very busy week, starting off with guesting on the Getting Loopy Show on Monday, where I had so much fun! If you haven't listened to the Show yet, you can go here to listen: BlogTalkRadio: Getting Loopy Show. If you like prizes, you'll need to listen for the "magic" word and send an email into Mary Beth to enter. One of the prizes will be for my Go Green T-shirt Bag!

We discussed crocheting with human hair in the Victorian era (modern link: knitting with human hair), various crochet hooks, crochet stitches, classes I'll be teaching at the Summer CGOA Conference, and more!

In fact, I just received this response from Karen A.:

I just listened to your interview on Getting Loopy and was very interested in your method of crocheting without extensive use of your wrist. I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately and would love to not have to stop and rest my wrist so often.
BTW the interview was great!
Thank you, Karen! It is on my "TO DO" list to eventually made a video showing how I crochet with the twisting/jutting motion using my finger tips, as discussed on the show. In the meantime, anyone wanting to see how I do this while we are at a Sheep & Wool, or crochet conference, or in my crochet class, please ask. I'd be happy to show you.

((giggles)) We didn't get around to discussing crocheting with toilet paper as I alluded to in my last blog entry, but if you are so inclined, you CAN crochet with it. Keep your tension loose, and use a really big crochet hook (size "S" or larger is highly recommended)!

Thank you, Mary Beth, for a great time on your show, and a very Happy Anniversary to you for bringing such wonderful guests & topics to the crochet world!!

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