Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lucky Sacrifices

Dee Jr. was crushed yesterday that his dad couldn't play basketball with him after school as his dad was attending a seminar. It was a lesson for Dee Jr. about making sacrifices. Dee Jr. was not alone in feeling "crushed" over missing out on things he wanted to do; I was having the same feelings and thus it was an interesting topic for us to discuss.

I asked him to empty out his short-sleeved shirt drawer so we could go through and pull the shirts that no longer fit him. As he did I reminded him that he should feel lucky. Prior to Mr. Dee's layoff he worked very long hours, often getting home just as the kids were headed to bed. There certainly was no time for basketball during those days. I placed an orange T-shirt in a pile next to me. We continued on.

Then I reminded him that it is important that we pull together as a family to support one another. Your family should be your safe haven. Your personal cheerleading squad. A place for unconditional love, that comes with free hugs and smiles when needed most. He nodded in agreement. I placed a tie-dyed T-shirt in the pile next to me.

Then I reminded him that once his dad finds new employment, he might be working long hours again. So basketball would have to go back to being a weekend treat again. I placed a striped shirt in my pile; watching me, Dee Jr. gave me a funny look. We continued our discussion. I told him how I missed attending the Crochet Friends of Stamford meeting eariler in the day because I took on a job with a deadline that needs to be met. A sacrifice, I said, as my way of helping the family. I placed his Plymouth Rock souvenir T-shirt in my pile.

Then I reminded him how his dad likes to be a private person, but that tomorrow his class at the local unemployment office will be taped for a PBS special, meaning Mr. Dee will have to sacrifice a bit of his reservedness (is there such a word?), that perhaps this special will help someone else in the same situation. Dee Jr. nodded his head. He said he understood. We were done going through his shirts; I picked up the pile of T-shirts I had been stacking. Dee Jr. inquired what I was going to do with his shirts. "That, my sweet boy, is your sacrifice. They don't fit you any longer and I think they'll crochet up beautifully as Go Green T-shirt bags!"

Did I mention how I'll be playing basketball after school today? Yeah. Another sacrifice, abet a fun one. The kid is good; wish me luck in getting at least one basket! :)


Charles (Stitchstud) said...

I love the object lesson. I think I should use knitting and crochet more often as object lessons. I think my sons are getting tired of my "walking barefoot in the snow uphill both ways" type stories. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great lesson! One we all need to remember as we struggle through tough economic times.