Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go Green T-Shirt Bag!

Wow! What a busy day! Taking photos, finalizing the pattern layout, attempting to list it on my Ravelry Shop (couldn't; still need to look into why); opened an Etsy Shop, added onto my Goody Shop ... all so I can say: Ta Da! <--so proud of myself!

Here it is! My first solo, for sale, pattern, named Go Green T-Shirt Bag!! It utilizes T-shirts, cut into strips, with a big crochet hook so that it works up quickly! The best part, and since I'm the designer I think it's OK for me to say this, is that the design of the bag bypasses the need for foundation chains -- no unsightly seam at the bottom, and no unsightly seam for the handle! Oh! I love that!!

AND! You get to use old T-shirts, meaning you are recycling (thus saving some money), and since you are recycling, you are saving old T-shirts from going into landfills! (I love that too!!) It is roomy -- 14" high and 10.5" wide -- so it can carry your favorite crochet books, beach towels, even purchases from your local yarn shop!

On the right is the same bag worked up with Lion Brand's "Incredible" ribbon yarn. Although a little difficult to photograph, it is beautiful in person! This will be a gift to my Grammie Gloria in honor of Mother's Day. Knowing her passion for bags, I think she will love it. And you will too!

PDF Pattern is available $3.99 US, for personal use only.


Astaryth said...

Woo Hoo! Go Girl!

Once you get a few more things up in your etsy shop, maybe you could do a post on how to price things. For instance, do you price the pattern one way for Etsy and another for Ravelry based on how much you have to pay them? If you decide to sell a made up project, how do you price it. Obviously you take the yarn, your time, how complicated/big it is into consideration... I've been wrestling with some of these things and wonder how others, who are actually professionals, think about them...

So, yeah, in your spare time... LOL!

Jane's Hooked on Crochet said...

Love the bag, Dee. and the recycling. Jane