Monday, November 12, 2007

Onward With the Great Dinosaur Hunt

And so the great dinosaur pattern search continues ...

Scarlet and Beata both sent me this link to check out: -- the pattern offers no pictures, or hints as to what the final outcome will be, but seeing that the pattern only calls for 15 yards of Knit-Crosheen thread, I decided to use a designer fiber that I allowed Dee Jr. to pick out.  He was delighted to select three various "dinosaur colored" yarns when we were at the Janet Kemp yarn shop on Saturday for Doris Chan's book signing event.

One of the three balls of yarn he chose was one by Filatura Dicrosa called "Millefili Fine."  It's 100% cotton and feels almost like a dk weight; retail is about $8 a ball.  The color combo of this ball is one of browns and olive-greens; think cameouflage.  Since the current trend is self-striping yarns, I had thought that this would be one of those types.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't!  :)

In the picture today you can see the dinosaur the pattern creates.  I was calling it a "Camel-asaurous" due to the hump on it's back.  Dee Jr. assures me there is no such dinosaur, to date, and thus spent this morning researching his books to prove his point.  He thinks it looks similar to the one in the book, a "Saltasaurous."  I think he's going to do well at the Paleo-bowl!  {VBG}

Now I'm off to try the other pattern Beata suggested,; I'll try it with the same fiber (it's a dream to work with!) andsee if I like the end results.   If so, I have until Friday night to populate enough for all the kids from his school that will be attending the event this weekend; if not, then I'll try to just make enough for his team.  If I don't like this pattern then I'm thinking I might go back and tweek the "Camel-asaurous" pattern to something more recognizable and make bookmarks for the kids.  

As for which pattern I've selected from Doris Chan's new book, well, I'm prowling around my stash to see if I have enough of the fiber I have in mind ... more on that at a later time.  For now, I have to get a dinosaur on my hook!  :)

Thank you Scarlet & Beata for coming to my aide! 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and COOL MOM you are !!!!!  My grandkids just asked for gloves.... i don't know.   I wish that they were into freeform.  I am thinking about purchasing some knit gloves at OLd Navy and adding scrumbles.  Keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

It looks great! HAve fun!