Sunday, November 11, 2007

Doris Chan!

I had the most enjoyable weekend spending time with Doris.  First yesterday when she was doing her book signing at the Janet Kemp yarn shop in Stratford, and then today when she visited with my CGOA Chapter.  The pictures shown in this entry were taken today.

Doris was unable to bring the actual garments that were photographed for her new book because the publisher has of yet to release them back to her yet, but you wouldn't have known!  She brought with her her own personal garments, which were just as yummy and based upon the very patterns she wrote for her second book! 

Doris discussed the foundation ch/sc technique; one that is rapidly gaining popularity in the crochet world due to it's elasticity when starting projects.  In fact, both of her books use the foundation ch/sc technique, and in doing so, does away with the rigid, inflexible chain that all crocheters are well aquainted with. 

Doris, through instructing many of our members to try on her personal collection, showed how crochet, as a rule, has a lot of wonderful give, and when working garments from the tops down, allows for more fine-tuning.  Just looking around the room as she spoke, it was fantastic to see everyone's faces light up with what she was saying to them -- no more bulky, ill-fitting crochet garments!  Members were so thrilled that there was discussion of starting a "Doris-along" project come January.  Of course, I'm on board for that!  :)

One of the coolest concepts is Doris' lack of buttons.  She advised our group that she likes to create her own closures using buttons, beads, and stretchy cord reserved mostly for jewelry making.  By utilizing the natural holes that occur in crochet, these closures can be changed based upon the look you want your crocheted garment to have -- and you can change that look just by changing where you place the closure, and by how many closures you use.  Details on how to make them are featured in her second book, everyday crochet."  She calls them "in-line links" -- they really add a lot of versatility and beauty!

One of my favorite moments of today was when we bestowed upon Doris a Certificate making her an Honorary Member of The HHCC; now she can wear the Club colors: the color Purple for her passion for crochet, silver and gold for making new friends and keeping the old!  We're really delighted that she came back to Connecticut to visit with us!!  Thanks Doris!! 

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Note:  Both Nancy and Priscilla blogged about their 'Doris' experience too  -- click onto their names to check them out!.   To the left is Nancy trying on Doris' cardigan, and to the right is Priscilla wearing her beautiful shawl designed by Doris.  What a great way to spend an afternoon!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous.  I love Doris Chan's designs and will end up having a definite fan girl moment if I ever get to meet her!  :)