Monday, November 5, 2007

The Conclusion: The 4th Annual 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge

I'm sorry for the delay; I've been under the weather.  Fortunately, though, because of that, many of you were able to contact me with your updated numbers making this, the 4th Annual 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge the MOST successful Challenge EVER!! 

On Monday, October 22, we stood at 69 Scarves -- beating our goal.  With the Challenge now over, we soared to a new record !!!

Here is the breakdown:

  • Sandie at Crafty Corral  just finished 7 scarves 
  • Sherri at CrochetR completed 4 scarves
  • Tracie at Fibers by Tracie has completed 5 scarves
  • Sheila at Just Another Hooker contributed a scarf
  • Bunny from Bunny's Blog has four completed scarves for the Challenge
  • Ellen over at GoCrochet has completed her second and will be sending hers to Threads of Compassion in Chicago. 
  • Haley of CT has completed two scarves for the Challenge
  • Priscilla of has finished her sixth
  • Sonia of has one scarf for the Challenge
  • Jennifer of; has completed on her second scarf, but I'm going to up it to 7 scarves as she has 5 for sale to benefit Breast Cancer Research.  You can buy one of her beautiful scarves, or purchase the pattern for it here.
  • Beata of created 6 scarves and says, "I can't believe how quick they were to make." 
  • Jane of has cranked out 9 scarves
  • Valarie of Chino Valley, AZ; she donated two scarves she crocheted to her local church.  Her Church donates clothing & food to the homeless.
  • Olga of CT has two scarves for the Challenge.
  • Lucy, an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin, has one scarf for her school.
  • Lori of CT has completed three scarves.
  • Robyn of is sending out a scarf to charity
  • Maven of has two scarves for the Challenge.
  • PCB Chick in Florida of has two scarves for the Challenge
  • Ghost of contributed a scarf to the Challenge
  • Joyce of has two scarves completed!!
  • Robin of has an incredible 8 scarves done for the challenge!
  • Shelley of Stamford has 5 scarves completed for the Challenge!
  • Nancy of who has completed 4 scarves.
  • Lucy, a member of the Crochetville group has also completed 4 scarves and shares the details about them here:
  • Scarlet of has completed a scarf that will be sent to a platoon serving in Iraq.
  • Millie has added 7 scarves to the Challenge
  • Sylvana joined the challenge with two scarves that will be donated to The Women's Transition House in Victoria, BC Canada.
  • And I have 23 ... this makes the grand total, when added together, an AMAZING 124 Scarves for the Challenge!!  Please, participants, give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back as this means 124 people will benefit from our beautiful stitch~work!    Thank you, thank you!! 

                                                      *  *  *

    OK ... I'm off to number our 28 participant names and then call Mr. Dee at work to ask him to "pick a number" to determine who the winner of the "Yoo-Hoo Bamboo Black Bag" purse kit is.  The bag can be knitted or crocheted!  (A $35 retail value!).   Tags: , , ,


    Anonymous said...

    Job well done! Awesome!
    I was looking through the list and did not see my friend Millie from NY's name on there for 7 scarves going to Iraq.
    Thanks for looking into this Dee.

    Anonymous said...

    A thousand Thank You's, Lynda, for pointing this out ... Millie was correctly identified in my spreadsheet, but when I brought the information over I apparently changed the spelling of her name to "Minnie" (egads!) ... I have immediately corrected the typo so now she gets the proper -- and rightfully so! -- credit she deserves!

    Millie, please forgive me!

    Anonymous said...



    ('nuff said)!

    Anonymous said...

    Isn't that great, Sheila?!  Wow! is right!  :)

    I noticed my blog entry announcing the winner has not appeared yet (I Mo-blogged it) ... hmmmm.  Let me look into this; it should have posted last night.