Friday, November 2, 2007

Modern Technology and other Odds & Ends

 I know, I know ... I'm late with the final totals, and with announcing who the winner of the drawing is.  So many of you opted to update me on your totals yesterday that I decided to wait until this weekend to give me time to ensure the numbers are as correct as possible ... so please stand by.  Those results are coming!

 I spent the day today at my children's school library.  I showed the other volunteer librarian my new "toy" ... it's a keyboard that works with bluetooth technology so that I can cruse the internet with my cell phone -- with the ease of typing on a full size (real) keyboard! I love it!  My goal is to use the combination, increasing my speed, when needing to locate books of various authors the children are looking for.   Since the school library is not computerized, it's already proved to be a huge improvement!   

When the other librarian saw my new keyboard "magically" placing actual text unto my phone's screen, she said the same thing I did when I was first introduced to the concept by one of my crochet students, "Oh, that's so coooooool!"  Yeah, she wants one now too.  LOL  (Those interested in seeing the keyboard, search for "Shasta Keyboard" on eBay or visit the ThinkOutside website.)

My second goal is to use the cellphone/keyboard combination when I am away from my computer -- possibly doing remote blog updates and such.  Since it's WAY lighter than needing to carry a complete laptop, I'm thinking this is going to be a great "working" relationship; I just need to learn how to do updates within the AOL world on the cell. [[If anyone has tips, please contact me!]]   With not needing to lug around a heavy laptop that means I can carry even more crochet projects with me!!  I'm so excited!  LOL

Why just this afternoon I figured out how to visit eBay on it and noticed Graydog has new crochet hooks available -- that's right, Graydog fans, Bill & Jill have a lot of new beauties up for auction!  Sa-weet!  Bidding on eBay auctions, or perhaps visiting Ravelry while away from home, is going to be a lot of fun!   (I see I'm going to like this remote internet access stuff! LOL)

                                                        *  *  *

For those country music fans, check out the song, "If the World Had a Front Porch" by Tracy Lawrence.  He has "crochet" in his lyrics!  Many thanks to Grace for this crochet "hearing!" alert. 

In closing, here's a joke from Mini~Dee:
             Q.  How many sheep does it take to crochet up a sweater?
             A.  None; I didn't know sheep know how to crochet!

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