Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are You A Member of the Crochet Guild Of America?

I have been a proud member since 2001!   Through the Guild I have attended three Conferences, help found a fantastic Chapter in Connecticut, joined two other Chapters, took advantage of the Mentorship program -- then became a Mentor myself, I contribute from time to time articles for the Chain Link newsletter, write the "Crochet Connections" articles for the eNews letter, enjoy the Crochet! magazine, enjoy the volunteer position as the CGOA's email correspondent, and have enjoyed using the members' library, PLUS I get to socialize with a good portion of the membership online!  How much better can it get?

Well, besides the wonderful reasons I just stated, and what they have listed in the
Official CGOA Brochure, the Crochet Guild of America just announced the following to it's members:


MEMBER BENEFIT (visit Members area
of for how to redeem)
Annie's Attic
Interweave Crochet
Leisure Arts Boutique
Mary Maxim, Inc.
15% discount on purchases
Special offer $19/year subscription
$3 off shipping at
10% discount by internet, mail or phone
15% discount on orders

These savings will be like getting your membership free!

And lets not forget they recently announced an opportunity for one of it's members to win a THOUSAND dollars

Now I ask, are you a member of the CGOA?  Consider joining today!

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