Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Crochet Lesson by Mini-Dee

Hi, it's Mini-Dee again. My Mom really liked a bracelet I crocheted for her on Sunday and she asked if I wouldn't mind sharing the instructions on her blog.  I used whatever yarn I found in my stash along with a size 5.50mm crochet hook.  I hope you like the video: 

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful bracelet and a wonderful new stitch.  Your mom is so lucky to have a bracelet made especially for her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey and Dee,  I said it before and I'll say it again,  Move over all designers out there, Casey is on her way :-)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic design. I cant wait to do this bracelet myself:) Maybe I can teach my granddaughter how to do this stitch as well:) Thanks
Blessings, Sherri

Anonymous said...

Way to Go, Mini-Dee!  The video was great, you could see what she was doing, and she explained the steps excellently.  Designer, teacher, crochet producer, she's got plenty of options for the future.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mini-Dee!  That is a great bracelet and a fabulous video demo.  I just crocheted headbands for two little girls and will make bracelets with your pattern with the left over yarn.  The two together will make very nice "just because" gifts.  Thank you for sharing your pattern with us.  Give your mom a hug for me.--Haley

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your video and I'm def going to try making the stitch you cleverly invented!
Thank you for the inspiration and hopefully you'll be sharing more videos with us in the future!

dexylexic uk

Anonymous said...

Lovely work by Mini-Dee!!

I was thinking after I saw this... how about adding beads to the yarn and work them in as you crochet the little "medallions?" I think it could be fun!

Great stuff~!

I sat and knocked one out, and I sat, stitching along watching the video.