Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spare Ribs, er Yarn, Anyone?

Today was warm; very Spring like.  Monday wasn't.  On Monday I slipped on the ice and did the most ungraceful dismount from my shoes.  What resulted were some very badly bruised ribs, and a very sore back.  Since I'm still recovering from the recent upper repository infection, this made the slightest household task a major event because breathing & moving about is quite painful.

So I've done pretty much nothing since the great fall on Monday.  Except, that is, for sitting extremely still while crocheting.  

I grabbed some of Caron's Simply Soft "Shadows" (in hues of blues & greens) and set to work on designing a sweater for my son.  He has been way overdue for a "just because" project from me, and this was a perfect time to start it.  Tonight all that is left is seaming up one sleeve, adding the cuffs & such, and then the final "detailing" I have envisioned in my mind.

Be it that Dee Jr. is feeling sorry for the physical pain I'm in, or that he's interested in the payout, he agreed last night to model the sweater at the CGOA National Conference come this summer.  This of course is HUGE news at the Dee household.  Those that know Dee Jr. know he doesn't like being the center of attention.  So for him to agree to be a model for me, well that's just priceless!

And lets not forget Mini-Dee.  She wants to be a model at the Conference again.  "What about me, Momma?" she asked.  "What about you," I answered. 

"What will you design for me to model at the Conference?"

I smiled at her.  "You're 10 now, and an accomplished crocheter.  Why not design something yourself to model?"

She gave me a big grin and ran for her crochet books.  She picked an item and showed it to me.  I agreed it was a good choice.  "But where will I get the yarn from, Momma?" she slyly inquired as she looked towards my stash ...

Of course I'm in no shape to defend my stash.  And she knows that.  Thank goodness Herrshners just sent me an email stating reinforcements are on their way!

Hello from Herrschners!
This email is being sent to let you know we shipped the following item(s) from your order:
 - (15) SIMPLY SOFT SHADOWS/3 OZ MARDI GREY (011110-0007)
 - (6) *SKACEL BABILONIA PRPL/BL/LM (010127-0005) 

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Anonymous said...

OUCH!!!  What is going on with you this winter?!?  Let's hope this is the last malady you have to suffer!  I hope you are resting and not overdoing it.  I can't wait to see Mini-Dee's project - I'm sure it will be fabulous!  She is really amazing - fearless, talented, sweet, beautiful and gifted!  And perfectly named! :)  Hope you guys enjoy the snowday today - CAREFULLY of course!! :)  I'm off to finish the halter I'm making for my little dear.  Speak to you soon! --Haley