Wednesday, March 28, 2007

10 Tips on How To Pick the Best Classes at the Summer Conference

The past few days have been quite busy for me ... first in registering classes for myself, and second in helping the many that have been emailing me for my opinion in which class(es) I think are best for them.  So, in my good humor kind of way, I decided to post some, ahem, helpful tips:

1. IM all your fiber friends and all your Chapter members to ask what they're taking

2. Also, post to all your Online Groups requesting they reveal what they all signed up for.

3. Stalk all your favorite crochet and knit blogs in hopes they will post what classes they are registered for.  Be sure to pose in as many of the bloggers pictures as possible to increase the odds you'll be mentioned in a future entry.  Then, after the conference, when family, friends, and co-workers ask about your summer vacation, you'll have fun links to share with them!

4. Check your "Book Stash" to see what books still need to be autographed. Weigh them and determine which ones will keep you under the weight restrictions when flying. Don't forget to factor in new books/yarn & such that will be coming home from the Conference. Sign up for those classes to avoid having to hunt the teachers down in the Vendor's Market for autographs.

5. Look at all the projects you've finished in the last year. Select the projects you created the most from one particular designer; then sign up for all classes that designer is teaching. Wear all the items to each class. Warning: This option required sashaying practice because you know you'll need to "strut your stuff."

6. Predetermine if you'll be in an emotional state by being in the presence of your favorite crochet 'Idol' -- ask yourself, "Do I really want to be televised crying?" -- heck, the experience might be "... the best thing ever." So go ahead and cry, we'll get that moment captured & uploaded to YouTube in no time!

7. Decide to travel light so more goodies can come home with you. To save room in the luggage, consider clothing you can wear twice -- such as wearing your travel clothes to Nancy's "Make YourOwn Hook" class to save on laundry. The saved weight should be equivalent to about six beautiful skeins of yarn from the Vendors Market.

8. To allow for more time in the Vendors Market, call the Guild's management company and the hotel repeatedly to figure out where the various classes will be assigned. Sign up for those classes that will be located closest to the market to make the most of those 10-15 minute class breaks.

9. Figure out which classes will require the most use of materials. This will justify everything purchased at the Vendors Market!

10. Determine which classes are more like lectures. These classes will allow you to continue to work on those last minute projects that MUST be featured in the Chic St Dinner Fashion Show! 

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