Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Hey, that's cheating!"

For the past three days I have been enjoying teasing showing off my "amazing needle" work to both crocheters & knitters alike.  It's been quite a lot of fun to do so!  I have found crocheters to be truly amazed that one can actually crochet knitted fabric while knitters have exclaimed "Hey, that's cheating!"  LOL

That's right readers, I'm cheating at the game of knit and I can't be any happier!  I am delighted that I am finally able to *knit*  in such a way that it holds my interest and spurs me on to new creative ideas!   With the "how to" instructions arriving yesterday with my order from -- I'll soon be enjoying all of the aspects of knitting, purling -- even tatting -- with a Crochet Hook!!

Sure, I will eventually finish that scarf I currently have on my knitting needles, but after that perhaps the needles will become hair sticks; I won't have a need for them any more.  I admit it:  I'm a "one hook" kind of gal and now I have a reason to celebrate it even more!   I don't think of it as cheating.  I think of it as, "Oh, the possibilities!!"  Yes, I'm quite excited with the discovery of this *new to me* technique!  Whoo hoo!!   (Of course, this will become even more interesting when I create pieces for judging!  Will the judges believe the works are crocheted?  Stay tuned!)

To add to my excitement, Guido of and I had fun hooking up yesterday afternoon at A Stitch in Time located in Bethel, CT, and later dined at The Sycamore. We did a little show n' tell; discussed the differences between knitting & crochet (including checking out my crocheted knitted fabric); dying fibers and more!  Where did the time go???  Guido, I'm looking forward to next time!  :)
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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Guido got to do a podcast interview with you as well?


Dana said...

Hi hi. I've tatted and knitted with a knook - same thing as an amazing needle and I love it! Sure my knooking is slower than knitting, but I'm more comfortable with it. Just felt compelled to say that I share your enthusiasm! Just finished a project with 1 of my set of knooks today.