Friday, March 9, 2007

Books Should Come With Warnings

When you have a book on loan, it should come with a warning that
   A. You'll want to purchase a copy for yourself
   B. You'll want to purchase fibers featured in the book
   C. You'll want to purchase tools featured in the book as well.

I have the book,
Top Technique & Special Stitch Afghans in Crochet, published in 2004, on loan from my friend Grace.  "Dee," she IM'd me days prior, "this book is fantastic!  You'll want to order one from AnniesAttic immediately!"  OK, so I was warned that I'd want to order a copy for myself, but I was sick at the time and didn't take heed.  How often is it, I thought, that I'd want to rush out and purchase everything featured in a book?  On Sunday, Grace put her copy of the book in my hands and advised me to check it out. 

I love the book!  It has a section on "The Amazing Needle," a technique of crocheting similar to Tunisian but you leave a cable behind.  In the next row you use another cable while picking up loops that the old cable is holding.  The results?  A knit-like fabric!  Since I have a thing for "Hybrid" techniques I'll be visiting later today to order the special crochet hook. 

I was responding to an email this morning that inquired how to make Broomstick Lace easier to create.  This book mentions a gadget tool that claims to do just that!  So after sending off the email I went to AnniesAttic  and ordered the special Broomstick Lace base that the books states, "it's a tool "consisting of a flat base which rests in your lap to hold the pin as you work."

Naturally, I went to and ordered the book.  Yes, books on loan should come with a warning; a HUGE warning!  And I haven't even gotten past page 10 yet!  {{grins}}

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Dee- Just plain fun reading: The new issue of "Cooking with Paula Deen" (March/April 2007) has a department called "Worth Collecting". The article is all about displaying vintage crochet. Laura

Anonymous said...


You should see it! Even without that lap/stand thing, I'm doing up a baby blanket, in broomstick lace, alternating it with treble crochet every three rows (just to break up the tedium of feeding the stitches on and off the broomstick).  I'm going to do it oblong, so the mom can wear it as a shawl or wrap up her newborn in it (which is expected towards the end of the summer).

Thanks for the link to Annie's Attic!