Tuesday, August 1, 2006

withdrawal symptoms are not for the weak

I'm sure many are blogging about the heat wave that is gripping the US right now.  Here in Connecticut it's no different.  We're expecting 112 F degrees (that includes that humidity factor) for today and my thoughts are naturally on my children.  It's imperative I ensure they're kept cool and to do so where I can also feed my crochet addiction.  But of course.

So with this sweltering heat in mind, yesterday I took them to a local hotel -- to utilize their indoor swimming pool.  Many people don't realize that local hotels open their pools to the general public for a nominal fee, so I do suggest checking it out if you too are looking for ways to stay cool.  (And while we're on the topic of water, it's easy to quickly think of mermaids -- so how about checking out Linda's felted mermaid that was featured in her booth at the Conference a few weeks ago -- she's beautiful!! Learn more about the mermaid by visiting the Grafton Fibers journal.)

The only problem with being at the pool all day was that I missed my crochet.  Oh, I had it with me, but because I crochet with beautiful wooden crochet hooks, I didn't want to take the chance of something happening to them.  I could have used metal or plastic hooks but those have thumb rests -- eck!  I need hooks without thumb rests, so without an alternative hook to use, I never got in a single stitch in yesterday.  I think this was an error in my part as I think I began to experience crochet withdrawal symptoms like never before!  It wasn't a pretty sight.  Hands twitching -- wanting to hold a hook between my fingers with that wonderful rotating motion (I don't hold my hook traditionally in either the pencil or knife hold); wanting to feel the fiber slipping through my fingers; wanting to pet the work hanging off my hook.  Oh, the agony!  Fortunately though, Ruth offered me the Fiberology 101: The Origin of Yarn that allowed me to starve off the worst of the withdrawal symptoms last night.  (Thank you Ruth!)  I was at least able to get in a few hours of sleep.

But this morning I couldn't take it any longer.  My thoughts screamed at me, "I must crochet!"  Already I could feel the day becoming sticky hot.  I broke down and caved to the summer heat thus finally turning the air conditioner on for the first time this season.  While yes, it does mean we'll be much cooler, I know I'm going to miss the sweet sounds of summer -- the birds singing, the squirrels crackling, crickets chirping, wind chimes clanking, lawn mowers humming -- and the "beep beep" of the UPS truck possibly notifying me that my
AnniesAttic and FireMountainGems orders have arrived ... ah, what I give up for my crochet addiction! (of course I know UPS won't be delivering today since I just placed my orders this past weekend, but one can dream!)

So I'm off -- to bask in this gloriously cool air to fulfill that addiction by creating some beautiful crochet stitches, work on my fall class schedules, prep some items for upcoming fairs -- and to photograph what was in that gloriously wonderful RAK box!!

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