Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thoughts about the CraftAdventure

Ever since the founding of  my CGOA Chapter, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, our members enter items for judging into what is known as The CraftAdventure, an event held in West Springfield, Massachusetts. 

In all the years we've been attending, I'd have to say that this was the leanest ... in entries, vendors, and spectators.  Was it the weather?  Was it the economy (ie. gas prices)?  Even Priscilla made note that this event wasn't as it has been in the past.  I certainly do hope they can turn it around as this year marked their 30th year celebrating being the "largest fiber & fabric art showcase in New England."

So what about the ribboning?  I wanted to see how the judging would do between two different venues.  So I entered my Red Ribbon winning Sun Dress from the Bridgewater Fair into the CraftAdventure.  Kind of like comparing apples to oranges, or along those thought lines.  Based on the results here it won an Honorable Mention (there was no ribbon on it at the event so I didn't know until today when I was adding links to today's entry.)

My daughter won a Red Ribbon for the crocheted slippers I mentioned about a month ago that she was working on.  (Dare I mention that she finished them in the parking lot just moments before entering them???)  I must say that it's a great "How to Crochet" kit for anyone looking to get their child crocheting. 

We had another member enter a toddler sweater with three car toys; she won a Red Ribbon too.

Since the event was so quiet, it gave us more time to spend with the other demonstrators.  My daughter learned how to do macramĂ© and how to weave.  I think it's the weaving that she really enjoyed the most!

After the CraftAdventure we left to visit AC Moore.  For some, visiting a yarn shop is no big deal.  But when a store you like to shop at is over 45 minutes away, it's a big deal.  So we bought some goodies.  Amazingly, I didn't purchase a single skein of yarn!  What's that all about???  Hopefully I'll recover!  LOL

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