Sunday, August 20, 2006

WIPs 'N Chains

Every so often that "administrative paper work" stuff has to be caught up on -- and it's not my favorite thing to do.  Instead of being "chained" to the desk, I'd rather play with my crochet hook to come up with new designs and new class concepts.  But since the paperwork won't get done by itself, I must devote some time today to keeping it updated. 

Fortunately though, I can look forward to a reward.  Later this afternoon I'll go and pick my items up from the local fair.  When I do, I'll find out how they did in the judging; I am really interested in finding out if there were any comments/interest in the pieces.  I do hope they inspired someone to want to learn how to crochet, or in trying a new technique.  (Everyone needs WIPs & WIMs, right?) 
I'm also looking forward to seeing all the other entries -- after all, I enjoy being inspired too!  :)

And speaking of WIPs 'N Chains, if you're up for a bit of par-tay-ing  today, then you'll want to grab your yarn and favorite crochet hook and go visit with Kim.  She says, "In honor of this auspicious occasion" -- she's celebrating her first blogiversary -- she has decided to "host a little game" complete with prizes! 

Kim, happy Blogiversary to your "
WIPs 'N Chains!"  (BTW: I thought you might enjoy a good chuckle out of this as much as I did.) 

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!  Can't wait to hear how you both did.  Please post pics of MiniDee's work too - a knitted scarf - wow!!  Anxiously awaiting the fall KT schedule!  Hope to see you soon - Haley