Saturday, August 19, 2006

Interesting Moments ...

I love when I teach; I get to meet so many people and share very interesting moments, such as with Sonia today -- in helping her discover what happens to our fabric when we change our crochet hooks from the manufacturers "recommended" size, to one that will either stiffen or soften the drape in such a dramatic way.

And in meeting Guido Stein who came into the shop just hours before his engagement party ... it seems he's a knitter, a
podcaster AND promoter of the Boston Knit Out & Crochet Too! event that will take place on Sunday, September 24th.  We shared quite a lot of laughs, especially when he said, "Knitting has been called the new yoga, and Crochet the new knit." 

While I'm working out the details to possibly attend the Boston KOC2 (it would be my first time attending the Boston KOC2), Guido made a very interesting comment.  He said they NEED crocheters to not only attend this event, but to also volunteer!  So how about it Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont & New Hampshire crocheters?!!!  I know from my own experience in volunteering for the NY event that it's a very rewarding experience!!  Go ahead & get involved!!

Sonia & Guido, it was wonderful to make your acquaintance today!  :)

I also had fun visiting with Lola today (ah, the tie-in to today's tune) Lola is a cartoon and is well worth checking out day-to-day as on some days there are some related to the fiber arts.  Because the comic is copyrighted, I won't show it here, but will give you the link.  Check it out daily & have a good laugh.  Lola by Steve Dickenson &Todd Clark

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Anonymous said...

Ive decided that I live on the wrong side of the country! Or I would be right there along with you at all the classes I could sign up for. I cant wait to read about the exciting conferences you go to.