Saturday, July 17, 2004

Audio entry

As promised, here's the link you've all been asking for:
Crocheted Lace: Techniques, Patterns, and Projects by Pauline Turner,
published in May 2004.

Keeping in theme of "crocheted lace," I received a most beautiful Thank You card from my new niece for the Garter Belt I crocheted for her and presented to her at her Bridal Shower.  I nearly cried when I read the card -- I was so happy that she liked it. She wrote:

"...I love the garter!  It still amazes me how you could come up with something so intricate from yarn/strings.  I love getting heartfelt gifts that mean so much..."

If you want to make the garter belt, the pattern is available for free here: McCall's Bridal Garter Belt.

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