Monday, July 26, 2004

CGOA Conference: The Member's Fashion Show

Put a bib on and enjoy the photos my sweet husband took for me!   I know pictures don't do quite the same as being there, so if you missed it, then you'll want to mark your calendars for next year -- pack your bags -- and head to Oakland, CA which is where the Conference will take place next year!

I had hoped to be a part of the Member's Fashion Show, but I knew my daughter would be too shy to go up by herself, or with anyone else.   So we sat "in the front row" with members of the HHCC and enjoyed the Event.  

My children were the only ones in attendance.   I know $40 per ticket is a bit high to pay for children to attend something, but it was something I thought was important for them to experience.   And they enjoyed it immensely!  They got to watch me be recognized by the CGOA for the volunteer work I do for them (I'm their Email Correspondent) by receiving a Certificate of Appreciation.   I thought that was very nice of them to do that!  At the end of the Event, they did the Raffles, and unexpectedly called my children's names.   They presented each of them with a "Wonder Knitter" and they were tickled.  

Later, many attendees approached me and said that I have the most well-behaved children; that they didn't even know children were in the audience as they were so still and quiet.   And many said, that it would have been nice if they could have perhaps modeled some children's fashions... (perhaps the next time the Conference is close to home & they're over their "shyness" stage a bit...)

The fibers, the colors, the designs ... were absolutely amazing!   I liked this show much better than the one on Friday morning.

(NOTE: I'm missing some names/designs for some of the photos...if you can help me out in filling in the blanks, I'd greatly appreciate it!)


Anonymous said...

Thank your DH the pictures they're are great. So many talented people in one room.  I'm so envious.  Some day I'll be sitting there with everyone else, uoh-ing and aah-ing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, Dora Ohrenstein here. Hey, what great pics of the fashion show, I am so flattered!  Thank you for the nice comments. the whole conference was fabulous -- my first ever!  Can you tell me how I might see some of the other photos of the fashion show?  there were so many folks taking pictures, were some of them official CGOA photos?  Also, I could not enlarge the photos on your site, even though I did download the updated Netscape like the computer told me. Any suggestions most appreciated, and my congratulations to everyone involved in planning this wonderful conference.  Best, Dora

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dee -- What happened to the pictures?  The box is empty!

Thanks for letting me know,