Monday, July 26, 2004

CGOA Conference: Day 5

I had no classes scheduled for Sunday, the last day of the Conference ... I knew we had to return to Connecticut and had a lot of packing to do.   We slept in, and that felt wonderful!   It was the first time we had slept in since arriving!   Checkout was at 11:00 and we were scrambling.  

To my horror, I had forgotten to request Pauline to autograph her two books,   "How to Crochet", and "Crocheted Lace."  And I still hadn't picked up my books of Noreen's "Creative Crochet Dolls" that Linda of Grafton Fibers was holding for me and needing to be autographed.  "Was I too late," I wondered.   

I put together a Satin Hands set to donate to the CGOA Sunday Raffle, gathered Pauline's books, the CGOA's Hooks I had with me, and set out with my daughter while my son assisted my husband with loading the vehicle and finishing checking out of the hotel.

I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw Pauline in the lobby!   (She's still here!!)  She gladly autographed my books for me and said she's honored that I use her "How to Crochet" books for some of the classes I teach.

I then hooked up with Linda and got Noreen's books.   I chatted with Linda a bit and advised her that my Chapter will be contacting her with a request for a Specialized Order for our 2004 Commemorative Hook.   Then I "borrowed" three of her hooks and headed to the CGOA Hook Collector's meeting.

At the meeting we discussed that I will remain holding the collection until they are cataloged and photographed.   Hopefully I can take some photos that are worthy of a booklet of some sort that was discussed during the meeting.   During this time, the hooks that I "borrowed" were passed around the group and they all decided that Grafton Fibers will make next year's 2005 CGOA Commemorative Hook.   I'm not at liberty to say what it will look like, nor the size.   But I know it will be beautiful.

Since I was sitting with Ruth, an HHCC member, I was able to leave my books with her.   She was going to take Noreen's last class at the Conference and said she'd request they be autographed for me.   

On the way home, my daughter took to the "Wonder Weaver" and has been nonstop since.   And me? ...I'm still tinkering with the knitting (hear that Kathleen?  I'm doing it!! LOL)  I was even knitting at the doctor's office today and I met a Crocheter! (I ended up inviting her to join the HHCC'ers for a meeting sometime too!)

In the days to follow, besides catching up on laundry and emails, I'm sure there will be more details from the conference that I may have over looked, or want to dive a bit further into ... in the meantime, I invite you to share your conference experience(s) with me  -- and if you have photos, feel free to share the link; I'd love to look at them  :)

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