Monday, July 19, 2004


Here, you would think we were training for the Olympics, and preparing for Christmas, all while trying to divert national disaster!  All because we're gearing up for going to the Conference, which is only two days away! 

Yesterday I enlisted the help of one of the Bead Team* members in picking up a few hats for the Chapter Challenge, and enlisted the help of the other Bead Team member for crocheting long chains for me to tie them together.  If you are a member of another Chapter and reading this, then know that we have One Zillion Hats!  But of course to think this, you must know I have a competitive edge to me, and I'd only be saying that because, well, my Chapter rocks!  (LOL)  To find out just how many hats we have, you'll have to be at the Conference, or wait until I reveal the truth at a later date.  All I know, is that there's no way I'm lifting that 700 gallon tote box!!  (OK, I've exaggerated a bit again, but not about lifting it!)

This morning I will finish working on my portfolio, as my Mentor says, "You should *definitely* prepare a portfolio to showcase yourself.  Be sure to include designs (photos, sketches/swatches, sample typed-up patterns if you have them), a bio/resume, and bring along some business cards that you can hand out so people know how to contact you."  (Thank you, Melissa!) 

So, I've been pouring over images of works I've done, trying to put some order to them to "showcase myself."  Man, is this tough!  Thankfully, when I first started teaching my husband insisted I start taking pictures to keep a record of them.  If I hadn't listened to him, I'd be up the creek without a paddle.  But I was good, I did take pictures.  I hope the editors I will be sitting with understand I'm an amateur photographer...

I'll also pack up the CGOA Crochet Hook Collection, books I'd like autographed, my supplies, and, oh -- can't forget the other Chapter Challenge -- The Mapquest Board!!  I'll be picking that up this evening as we need a few more things (no, really, I'm not kidding!) ... as I understand it, The Board ROCKs!

So as I carefully maneuver around suitcases, coolers, totes, toys, children, and other hurtles today, I will still be taking it slow.  I will get done what I can without straining myself as I want to continue healing. (I give the Girl Scout honor on this!) Which reminds me ... I've got to go get ready for this mornings doctor appointment ....

*Bead Team consists of my two children who love to do various crafty things.  One of which is helping me prebead for my crochet projects.

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