Thursday, May 29, 2008

FDR's Blankie ...

Sandie from Crochet Cabana inspired me to search more for the crocheted bedspread I fell in love with when I saw it in FDR's bed this past Tuesday.  I love the power of Google!  ... with just a few key words Google found exactly what I was looking for!

Now, I'm not sure if this person who took the picture had permission or not, but you can see it here ...

On the right is a close-up (as clear as I could find) of the motif.  The little "bumps" are popcorn stitches made up of the tiniest of crochet stitches!  Can you see why I was thinking "snowflakes?" ... I could have said flowers too.  It's stunning to see in person!  (Hopefully no guys in black suits and dark sunglasses will be knocking on my front door for posting this!) 

Now ... finding the pattern (or one very similar) will be a whole 'nuther chapter to this story!

My goal is to one day recreate the motif, perhaps for a scarf, a handbag, or even for a garment.  Still, though, it would be lovely to know who hand-created those beautiful stitches!  Wouldn't you love to know too?   


sandiept said...

Hey! So glad you found it. It's really a masterpiece, isn't it? I liked the other bedspread in that group too - it had sort of a snowflake look to it as well. Guess that was the rage then.

Good luck with that project.

mouseclp said...

Dee, I just went to eBay crochet and the first pattern up for sale -- with less than one minute, naturally -- was the one above.  Is that possibly the same pattern?  If so, maybe you can check with the seller if it's going to be listed again.  Hope that helps,  Carol in NC

crochetwithdee said...

Drat!  I missed the auction, but did send the seller an email.  It sure looks like it Carol, and I greatly appreciate you letting me know about this auction!

Crossing fingers that the seller will relist the item,

mouseclp said...

Oh, Oh, OH!!  Try eBay item # 230256168287, scroll about halfway down... is that it?  
Carol in NC

crochetwithdee said...

Carol, you are a sweetheart!

I took no chances & went with the "buy it now" option!
Thank you, thank you!!

mouseclp said...

Glad to help (or enable).  :)  I'm always cruisin' eBay for stuff I don't need and can't afford.  Although, looking closer, it seems the one from the FDR house only has three popcorns per wedge on the hexagon, and the other patterns have 6 per wedge.  It's hard to tell.  Maybe it's just a variation, planned or unplanned.  
Anyway, happy hookin'!
Carol in NC

crochetwithdee said...

Darlisa contacted me through Ravelry, suggesting this pattern:

It's pretty too!

I love that my readers (are enablers) helping me locate items that interest me!
Thank you!!

Readers, you can visit Darlisa's blog here:

ladynthread said...

Hi Dee,

I found an interesting crocheted bedspread myself at a Rockefeller home in Williamsburg, VA.

I couldn't get a wide shot of the entire bed because we were not allowed to enter the room, just look from the doorway, but I did get closeups of the motifs.  I haven't found the pattern either.

You can see pictures at my blog entry:

Good luck!