Saturday, May 3, 2008

Synchronicity Just Called ...

My phone rang just 30 minutes ago.  It was Belinda Carter calling to let me know that the pattern Laura Ingalls Wilder used to create her doily was designed by Mary Card.  Mary Card wrote in her 1936 book, New Book of Filet Crochet.

Having Belinda call me was a complete surprise, a wonderful surprise!  

In addition to discussing the need for correcting information in my blog here, I learned:
A.  Belinda lives not too far from where Laura once resided.
B.  Belinda currently lives in Missouri.  Synchronicity?  ... my father has a farmhouse just a few towns away.  And one day, when I get the opportunity to go out there, Belinda and I have plans to hang out with each other.  I can't wait!

Thank you, Belinda, for the lovely chat this afternoon, and bringing this "synchronicity"  to a total, full circle!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Dee, Im alive:) My test came out great I did not have a heart attack as the doctors thought. I have a pic of my perfect heart I will post on my blog for you all to see as soon as I can.
 Im leaving early in the morning for a much needed vacation. Im going to Cambria California. Its right on the ocean and lots of winerys around to visit:) Im looking forward to check out there local yarn store I do hope its still there.
 Dee thanks for looking out for me:) Its great to know that you do care. I cant wait maybe next year I can come back to visit with you:)
Happy crocheting! tata for now, Your friend SHerri in Vegas