Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa): A franc for your thoughts.
Humphrey Bogart (Rick): In America they'd bring only a penny, and, huh, I guess that's about all they're worth.
                                  ~Quotes from the 1942 movie, Casablanca

Have you ever walked into a local yarn shop, and as a crocheter, felt unwanted?  Readers, my question to you is do you stay and purchase the materials you wanted anyway, or do you walk out and shop else where?

I have felt this sting of "dis-cro-mination" many times (remember this fiasco?); the latest jab happened is this week.  And it hurts.  It hurts not just me, but also the local yarn shop at fault as well because it could have been a beautiful relationship.  I was willing.  Unfortunately, LYS, you couldn't see past the pointed stick crowd to see me standing there, money in hand, wanting to shop just like everyone else there.

Yeah, I'm talking about you, LYS, you know who you are -- the one who said crocheters are cheap; they never spend a dime.  That we don't appreciate using nice yarn, that our projects lack drape, lack proper fit, and just lack.  Period.

You couldn't be more wrong, LYS.  In fact, here is what I'd like for you to take a gander at today, LYS.  It's what you are lacking today.  It's a $468 purchase I made earlier today at another shop that welcomed my single stick with a notch at the end.  This could have been -- should have been -- your sale!

LYS, may I suggest you read the article, "Discouraging Dis-cro-mination" written by Gwen Blakley-Kinsler in the January 2008 issue of YMN magazine.  Page 40.   Every word rings true.

If you want me, and other's like me, who crochet AND spend money, creating stunning projects with our notched stick, then you need to make changes.  But I wouldn't wait too long, as once I have a beautiful relationship going with another shop, I may not want to return to you.  Ever.

PS: Karen & Karen:  It was great bumping into you two today!  I hope you had just as much fun shopping as I did!  :)   


Anonymous said...

Yes, I, too, have felt the perils of discrimination. Especially because I am a novice lefty crocheter who does not work from patterns. Boy, does it ever annoy the crap out of me.

Okay, so maybe I don't have the funds to spend tons o' money at the yarn store. But I still am trying to learn about different textures and techniques, and I think crocheters can do PHENOMENAL things.

I even feel like a small, piddly crocheter just leaving a comment here, because I'm totally a newbie but am perusing as many craftsy blogs as I possibly can so I can be inspired and hopefully improve.

But yeah, yesterday I was at the yarn store and asked the lady there if she had any resources for lefty crocheters. She looked at me like I had three heads and said, "Um, I dunno....I'm not really a crocheter."


Anonymous said...

I will not buy from a yarn shop that has the whole "crocheters are less important than knitters". If I have to, I will put the stuff back and leave. Yes, I hate to do that, after spending the time petting and picking out the yarn but I don't have to buy in that particular shop. The internet is wide open to buy any kind of yarn for delayed gratification and there are a few other local yarn shops for instant gratification.
Business owners undertand money. They understand economic boycotts.  So that's what I do - not only to yarn shops but to any stores that make me feel uncomfortable to shop there....

Anonymous said...

Daaaannnnngggggg!  Someone ticked off Dee!!!!  I feel sorry for the fool who did that!!!


To answer your question - if it were me treated like that I'd have either a) asked to speak to a manager/owner or b) put my purchases down, no matter where I stood, and walked out.

It has been a while but back when I had time to read a lot of crochet journals, it was readily apparent that many crocheters felt that knitters were elitist snobs.  Know what I think?  Knitters who are like that just wish that they could crochet!  Jealous little minded people they are!

Seriously, even if I walked out, I would make it a point to write or call the owner and tell them how much you were prepared to spend before being treated so shoddily.  Makes me think of the movie "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts' character goes back into the store that treated her badly the day before and tells the clerk, "You work on commission don't you?"  "Big mistake!  Huge!  Well, I have to go shopping now!" and walks out to shop elsewhere.

By the way, your shopping goodies look YUMMY!!!!  Love all of the bright summery colors!  What'cha hookin'????

Love, hugs, some chocolate, and decaff,