Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco dee Crocheto!

I feel as though I was on a crochet whirl-wind of fun yesterday!  It started in the morning by attending the Crochet Friends of Stamford, CGOA Connecticut Chapter, monthly meeting.  To get there I had to commute for an hour.  As I did so, I sadly realized how greatly I miss the drive since the closing of the Knit Together store early last year.  The scenery is so stunning no matter what the season! 

What was wonderful was catching up with Lori, Haley, Olga and Rose; they are just delightful people!  It's been months since I've last seen them. They've been busy crocheting for the "Kids in Crisis" center and soon caught me up on all their projects.  I, in turn, showed them my new "interchangeable" crochet hook (you can change the size of the hook's head), and a new book by Bendy Carter called,Haley's blanket she's crocheting for future donation. "Single Crochet from A to Z, " and gave out some "goodies."   As they enjoyed leafing through Bendy's new book, we also talked about the upcoming conference.  Lori, Haley and Rose will be going, and they are just as excited as I am!!  BTW: Check out the blanket pictured on the left that Haley is working on, a future donation, using some donated yarn! 

After the commute back home, it was time to join the Hook'n Needles after-school club.  I had Mini~Lois explain her connection to Laura Ingalls & crochet, which she was happy to do.  The club members were amazed!  We also had a little show & tell where one of the girls showed everyone a necklace she designed using single crochets and chain stitches!  (see picture on the right).  Everyone is progressing nicely!

After the meeting I had a lot of errands, but I did manage to find an hour of quiet time to work up one of the squares in Bendy's book, "Single Crochet from A to Z"  -- if you're looking for some new stitch patterns, then for sure you'll want to check out this book! :)

At the end of the day I was exhausted -- but I was happy.  It was, for sure, a Cinco dee Crocheto type of day for me!

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haleyzim2 said...

I was so excited that you could make our meeting!!  My blanket has a few more rows now - almost ready to change to the dark color again :)  I think I "need" to get Bendy's book  - and Robyn's new one in September - and Doris' 2nd one that I don't have yet - and who knows what else heeheehee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!