Monday, May 19, 2008

Sew, What's Up Doc?

I'm not much of a sewer. I normally reserve dusting off my taking out my sewing machine to either:
A. wind bobbins with sewing thread for crochet projects
B. sew together the little paper booklets my children like to make (way easier than staples!)
C. create various costumes, such as the one you see here on the right, when seriously pressured to do so.  (I made that one in 2004, delighted I was able to trim it with crochet!)  I made the rope too -- and in fact, I just donated the rope from this costume to my children's school for THEM to utilize in creating something else they need.  They asked if I could sew the rope on to this other project, but I declined, giving them the name of another mother who is not as terrified of more gifted in using the sewing machine than I am.  LOL  "If it's crochet related," I added, "then call me."  Hey, at least I'm recycling, right?

And speaking of sewing, and inspiration, and patterns, and crochet  -- guess who is blogging now???

Beloved designer, Doris Chan! ... go on over and give her a read & your encouragement:


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Anonymous said...

Okay, now things are just freaky!!!  I was sewing today!  Made mom a rice bag - great for a cordless heating pad.  Will blog about it later.

Thank you for the link to Ms. Chan's blog.  Interestingly enough, she wrote about her sewing too!

Love and hugs,